Welcome to Genre Wars, only on The Escapist!

For centuries people have been fighting over which fictional genre is supreme among all others but now, thanks to ancient technology, are we able to decide who is the best…through battle! Build your army of swashbuckling Pirates, brain hungry Zombies, stealthy warrior Ninjas, evil Robots or earth enslaving Aliens to take down all others in battles of epic proportion!

It's very easy to start playing. Sign up HERE and choose your favorite genre (you can always choose a different one later if you would like to experiment). Even though we have created a starting army for you, feel free to scrap it and make your own! Just move the soldier types from the right and drop them into one of the 3 slots on the left. Just watch your money! Tougher soldiers cost more money but defeating other armies gets you more money for upgrades. Once you are ready, enter the field of combat and confront someone or wait for a challenge!

Genre Wars is completely free, so challenge everyone you know and make your foes bow to your absolute power and showcase of NEW BADGES. The Genre Wars start NOW, so feel free to fight amongst yourselves... Moderator approved!