Comic Description:
MiniGames was originally a short, newspaper style strip I created for non-canon, random jokes related to a comic I make on DeviantArt called 'Playing the Game'. I've completely revamped the idea to have much more of a games and gaming feel to it, it's based around three brand new characters named, Dustin, Kristen and Eric. They're all into different aspects that are found on the Escapist, like journalism, films, games, art, etc.I feel it's completely adaptable to different scenarios and ideas and has huge potential for humorous gaming cutaways.The first four strips are purely there to introduce the characters briefly (as well as the creator who will only occasionally show up, I promise) and does not fully represent the full idea (in fact number 4 is made purely for the Escapist staff's benefit).Besides writing and conceptualizing characters and considering the format and presentation the strips I'll be submitting have only taken me two days to create, and I believe that once I can continue that same level of creative efficiency.