Comic Description:
GOSUB HELL is the story of two demons Deek and Froopy in a relatively new division of Hell that is responsible for providing the A.I. (artificial intelligence) for video games. They are joined by a female intern named Peaches, former Lust division worker, who serves as the sounding board to explain the back story and inner workings of the system and how it all got started. Deek and Froopy use their computers and other equipment in their cubicle (665) to assume the roles of NPC's and battlefield fodder. With any luck, hilarity ensues.The comic will drop twice weekly, with one strip focusing on current or classic (epic) games as seen from the NPC viewpoint. This will be showcased as humorously as possible through the actions of Deek, Froopy, and Peaches. The second strip will focus more to continuing a set of two main plot lines:1. "Artafishul Intellajunce" The history of how original computer gaming programmers didn't have the time, processing power, and smarts to develop proper A.I. for their games. So, a pact was made with the Devil to create the new division of Hell to subcontract this process to demons. Programmers just had to place a subroutine "GOSUB HELL" in their code for this functionality--big time saver. With Peaches' encouragement and advice, Deek & Froopy start thinking outside the box and become really good at killing players. She'll use her Lust Division training to "borrow" hardware, increasing the effectiveness of everything in cubicle 665.2. "Payback's a Bitch" As the plotline progresses, the original human that signed the deal with the Devil is running out of time on his contract. He has used his vast computer gaming fortune to do research and hire arcane experts to create an impenetrable fortress. In the end, Deek, Froopy & Peaches will use their smarts and some well-known video game accessories to try to get Hell's due.3. (Alternate) "Thou Shalt Not eKill" There is an ongoing legal case between Heaven and Hell regarding killing. Hell wants video game frags to count as a sin. Heaven doesn't want to lose everybody that has ever played a video game.About the author/artist: My name is Eric Gage. I'm a reliable, 41-year old, full-time employed mechanical engineer in Houston, TX. I draw and animate for fun, and have gotten used to breaking up images into moveable bits for animation purposes. In light of this, turnaround time for creating a comic is low now that a good number of images have been created. Everything you see here is original, except for maybe the raster patterns on Froopy's tie and Peaches' dress which will change every week. All images are hand drawn by me and then traced into vector images using Adobe Flash. They can there be scaled to any size format, but were targeted here for the 650x1280 maximum size format of the contest. Flash can dump Adobe Illustrator formats in case you need better resolution images. Good luck to everyone. Cheers!