Comic Description:
Greetings, My name is Octavi Navarro, I'm a 30 y/o illustrator from Barcelona (Spain), and here's my entry for the Webcomic Contest. It's called "The Last Shot" and the idea is to make a tribute to videogames and all that sorrounds them, with beautiful images, some humour and nostalgia. I hope you enjoy it! I also would like to thank everyone at The Escapist for providing the opportunity to participate in this contest, it's been lots of fun. Regards, Octavi Navarro
Shamus Young:

The Good:

Daring, high-concept comic here. Very unique. Generously large. Is the artist really willing to churn out this many square feet of art per week? The first strip was genuinely funny. The second was amusingly odd. The third was a cunning nostalgia play.

The Bad:

The idea is so different I can't judge how much longevity it has. Is there more to this? Where can something like this go? I really wish this artist could have given us another strip or two. (To be fair, the rules limit you to four.)

Ryan North:

Beautiful art that would work just as well as posters as it does as single-panel strips. I really like the mood these comics set.