Comic Description:
Narcolepsy Incorporated is a comic I started December of 2008. I have been running a website (completely out of pocket for myself) doing 2-3 comics a week since then. Sometimes the comics are about my adventures through college with my roommate Tom (comparable to Frank and Ernest) and then sometimes the comics are just ideas that I think are funny (Like The Far Side). I've been a counselor at a mental health agency for the last year and this has been a great outlet for some of the insanely crazy things I hear on a daily basis. The four images I uploaded give a brief idea of the range of comics I draw. My art is ever evolving and I'm fairly new to the game but I'm dedicated and driven.
Shamus Young:

The Good:

Nice, clean art. Mildly amusing jokes. A fine series. I would have considered this for one of the top spots, but...

The Bad:

Published elsewhere and previously. These are cherry-picked submissions from an ongoing series. Alas. Still, it's a good comic and worth a look.