Comic Description:
Here is Inglorious Slayers. The post apocalyptic series that I have submitted. This will be an action/comedy comic about a freelance hunter and his friends and their everyday situations and eternal struggle against the evil forces that roams in the dark and ruined world that the comic is set in. The idea for Inglorious Slayers came to me late August last year, and I even did two "sketch" pages, but it never turned out to anything special at that time. I have continued to work on the script for the series, constantly making up plots and twists inside my own head, but I never got the time to sit down and draw it until now.I have made many character and plots that I wish to share with the readers of the Escapist and I have felt really motivated about this entire project so I really hope I get to continue working with it. Like many other here I noticed the contest quite late, and have been working under a 5 day deadline. I will not use it as an excuse, but I do feel that because of it, I was unable to make the pages the way I wanted them to be. Page 4 is a disaster in my eyes, I felt that for every page I kept on dropping out details, but in overall I think I managed to pull it off just fine. As for inspiration I have used games such as; Fallout 3, Fallen Earth, Left4Dead, Resident Evil 4, Half Life 2, Silent Hill 2, and other games featuring monsters, zombies, and destruction. The humour towards gaming will be more "indirect" rather than making them about gaming. My art style and photoshop skills are not the best, but hopefully this will improve as I go along with the comic. I really had a lot of fun doing it, and I hope you guys enjoy it either way. I have done a web comic before, but then it was more local and was just read by my friends at school etc. You are free to drop by and check it out on my web page Other than that I hope you enjoy what you recieved, both from me and from everyone else, it's been real fun doing this (even if it was just a 5 day rush). May the best win!