Comic Description:
'Out of Tens' A webcomic by Cory Rydell and Grey Carter. Working for one of the biggest game review sites on the web should be fun, but as our intrepid heroine, Erin Stout quickly discovers, the life of a popular games journalist is not all it's cracked up to be. Caught between an absurdly corrupt boss and a savagely opinionated readership, Erin soon finds herself forced to choose between her journalistic principles and her desire to not live in a cardboard box. She also occasionally plays video games
Shamus Young:

This series was strong, but one comic in particular put it over the top for me. The Army of Two strip was distilled brilliance.

I've always been a fan of the "charged attack" school of web-comicry.
(It's the approach I strive to use most often.) Instead of going for a single surprise punchline, you tell a series of mild half-jokes. It's like a warm up act to get the audience ready for the final panel. The Army of Two strip starts off with the funny phrases, "testosterone radiation" and then, "I can feel my ovaries withering." Then it hits us with the absurdity of the brosplosion when the guys fist-pound.
Most comics would stop right there and use that as a punchline. And to be fair, that would be a pretty good joke. Bust instead Rydell and Carter unleash a finishing move and show the testosterone blast hit the the players to bestow full beards on both of them. This is one of very few comics in the entire contest that got me to burst into real, sustained laughter. (And note how much funnier this joke is because our lead is a female. You two-guys-on-a-couch writers are handicapping yourselves.)

The panel layout of the brosplosion was perfectly done and shows that the artist has a good sense of timing. This would have been an easy sequence to mess up.

Lots of contestants did the "gamers talking about games". A few did the "game developers talking about games". Here is a game journalist.
The series has a unique premise, a unique voice, a unique protagonist, and a joke about instant beardification.

Erin Stout stood out as a character for me. In a sea of "this person is a gamer" introductions I think she made a solid first impression.