Fallout 3 Quiz

Ends on 11 Feb 2009

Welcome to the Fallout 3 Challenge!

Bethesda has been kind enough to grant us with free keys to give away for Operation: Anchorage for today only!

The Prize

A key for Operation: Anchorage, the downloadable Fallout 3 content, for the XBox 360 or Games for Windows, worth 800 points!

The Rules

It is actually very simple, just answer the questions below correctly to be eligible to win the prize. You may try as many times to get all the questions correct as you like but you are only allowed one entry. As usual, multiple entries will be seen as cheating, which negates you from any type of future fun with us.

Upon entering you MUST choose whether you would like the Xbox 360 download OR the Games for Windows Download. Failure to properly fill out the contest form results in a deletion of your submission to the contest.

The Fallout 3 Challenge will only be running for today only, February 11th, and winners will be chosen at random on February 12th.

Unlock your Fallout 3 knowledge and good luck on the quiz!

The Questions

  1. The NPC (non-player character) of your father is voiced by what well known actor?
    a. Ron Perlman
    b. Malcolm McDowell
    c. Liam Neeson
    d. Patrick Stewart
  2. What is the area of the world called that you are thrust into after leaving Vault 101?
    a. The Enclave
    b. The Capital Wasteland
    c. The Canterbury Commons
    d. The Columbia Commonwealth
  3. While Bethesda Softworks was the publisher of Fallout 3, who was the developer?
    a. Red Storm Entertainment
    b. Ubisoft Montreal
    c. Wolfpack Studios
    d. Bethesda Game Studios
  4. What does V.A.T.S. stand for?
    a. Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System
    b. Vault-Tec Assignment Triggering System
    c. Variant Assisted Targeting System
    d. Variable Assessment Training System
  5. "Tranquility Lane" was a main section of the story line and found inside which Vault?
    a. Vault 112
    b. Vault 101
    c. Vault 89
    d. Vault 106
  6. Galaxy News Radio can be caught blasting the airwaves in most areas of Fallout 3. What is the name of the Galaxy News Radio DJ?
    a. Spout Out
    b. Bow-Wow
    c. Three Dog
    d. DJ Spinz
  7. Which was one of the cities was made out of an old aircraft carrier?
    a. Rivet City
    b. Fort Independence
    c. Big Town
    d. Capitol Post
  8. Which of the follow is an item you CANNOT make in Fallout 3?
    a. Deathclaw Gauntlet
    b. Shishkebab
    c. Firelance
    d. Bottlecap Mine
  9. True or False: Operation Anchorage is available for download for the Xbox 360 AND the PC?
    a. True
    b. False
  10. When will Operation Anchorage, the downloadable content pack for Fallout 3, be available?
    a. It's available right now for 800 Points!

The contest has ended!

Thanks for your interest, but this contest is now over. Keep checking The Escapist for more contests and giveaways in the future.