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Issue 144
The sports issue. Heroes, stats and leagues: the details of our fascination with athleticism.
Editor's Note Letters to the Editor

"The premise behind exercise games - 'exergaming' - is fairly simple: Let people play videogames that use their whole body as an input device, and they'll have fun and get their daily workout at the same time. Sadly, something so simple has rarely panned out. The history of videogames is littered with all kinds of bizarre exercise paraphernalia that failed somewhere down the line ... most often because, even in the comfort and safety of our own living rooms, we just felt a little bit ridiculous."

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"I press the center button on my iPod, and the pleasant male voice with a Palo Alto accent tells me I've been running for four minutes and three seconds. The voice reminds me of everything I hate about Californians and their smug, fitter-happier-smarter-than-thou attitude. I imagine he's just some guy they picked up from the Apple office floor. I imagine there are a thousand more just like him. I call him Apple Man, and I despise him. I want to succeed just to spite him. He is the perfect trainer."

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"Although in the modern day we no longer run the risk of starvation and death unless we're in the depths of a serious World of Warcraft addiction, the competition for resources is still present in our competition for mates and jobs. At work, we chain ourselves to computers to earn promotions and better pay - resource competition redirected into the modern setting. And the success of dating websites shows that we still put in a ton of effort to find mates."

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"Very few of us can be barbarian warriors or all-star power forwards - I personally want to be an all-star barbarian power forward warrior - but we can all enjoy being a part of something. Gaming and sports engage the mind and imagination and allow us to partake in a communal experience, whether it's through your guild membership or the logo on your shirt."

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"I've been a sportsman since I was 3 years old and got hit on the head with a rugby ball. This is a rite of passage in New Zealand - if you haven't lost at least a few brain cells to the Great Game, you're a bit funny. Possibly a girl or a terrorist. Highlights of my brilliant career include over 100 twisted ankles in basketball, being on the wrong end of a cricket bat to the groin and the horror of the Large Sweaty Fat Man cagefighting incident."

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