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Issue 196
Carrot on a Stick
How achievements are changing the way we think about and design games.
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Plenty of games include achievements, but few contain the sheer number and variety that World of Warcraft does. John Funk explains why WoW's achievement system grabbed him in a way that no other platform has.

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It's easy to tell when the achievements were simply the last item on the developer's checklist before the game shipped. But when they receive a bit of extra attention and a little creativity, achievements can greatly enhance your experience with a game. Anthony Burch examines how different developers have approached achievements, with varying degrees of success.

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Achievements aren't just an in-game diversion - they can educate players about key gameplay concepts and turn novices into skilled veterans. Rob Zacny analyzes how the best achievements can teach you how to play - and how the worst ones can potentially break a game.

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The Titles and Deeds systems in Lord of the Rings Online aren't just another way for players to grind: They let players express themselves and communicate with one another. Will Hindmarch looks at what makes LOTRO's achievement system different from other platforms.

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The common wisdom is that achievements give players more value for their gaming dollar. But there may be a hidden cost to this constant competition. Christian Ward describes how achievements aren't as revolutionary as they may first appear, and how they could in fact be holding the medium back.

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