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Issue 199
State of the enthusiast press.
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Joseph Pulitzer was both a pioneer of many sensationalist journalistic practices and the founder of one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. What would this conflicted figure think about the current state of game journalism? Richard Aihoshi ponders that question and comes up with a few more of his own.

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Newspaper coverage of psychological studies on the effects of violent videogames has become the primary ammunition in a widespread cultural conflict. But it might surprise you how little thought and effort actually go into these reports. Chris LaVigne exposes the limitations of traditional news outlets' coverage of the social sciences by going straight to the source: the researchers themselves.

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As a reviewer, Justin Leeper was often a harsh critic of the games that crossed his desk. But when he took a position as a designer for THQ's latest WWE SmackDown game, he gained new insight into the development process - and learned what makes a good game review along the way.

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The web may have reinvented the way we write about games, but one format continues to dominate the conversation: the top ten list. Sam Machkovech catalogues ten reasons of his own why lists are so popular - and why that may not be such a bad thing after all.

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These days, gaming publications are increasingly reliant on videogame publishers to advertise on their sites. But with the audience for videogames growing by the day, why haven't other brands taken advantage of these venues? Rob Zacny speaks with advertisers and game journalists about why endemic advertising isn't going away anytime soon.

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