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Issue 212
Alternative Access
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What started as a simple experiment for a small independent strategy game developer has turned into a new way for people to purchase and play games. Christos Reid speaks with the founders of GamersGate about the company's growth in the online gaming space.

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Digital distribution may offer a lot of convenience to gamers who want to expand their collections without leaving the house. But if you care about getting as much value as possible from your games, you may want to proceed with caution. Michael Comeau explains why direct downloads aren't all they're cracked up to be.

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In the war for the hearts and minds of videogame enthusiasts, Sony and Microsoft have increasingly turned their attention to the battleground of online services. But while their objective of living-room supremacy may be the same, their strategies are remarkably different. Tom Endo interviews the directors of Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network about their services' competing philosophies.

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Is the Age of the Console about to come to a close? According to three prominent game industry executives, all signs point to "yes." Ray Huling looks at how streaming technologies could usher in a new era of gaming.

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