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Issue 248
Zerg Rush
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How do you follow up one of the best-selling games of all time, a game that was so successful it spawned an entire sport and became the archetype for its genre? If you're Dustin Browder, Lead Designer of StarCraft II, you do it very, very carefully. John Funk speaks with Browder about the immense pressure - and satisfaction - of creating Blizzard's next great RTS.

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Many gamers have aspirations of one day playing their game of choice at the professional level. But the reality of that undertaking is much less appealing than the dream. Jack Porter recounts his brief time spent playing StarCraft competitively and the heavy toll it took on his psyche.

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Basketball has Michael Jordan. Soccer has Pelé. And StarCraft has SlayerS_'BoxeR', the Korean superstar who revolutionized competitive StarCraft and changed the eSports landscape forever. Brett Staebell examines the swift ascent and lasting legacy of the "Terran Emperor."

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To veteran StarCraft players, the Zerg race is as calculating and strategic as the Terran or Protoss forces. But to Brendan Main - and gamers in general - the Zerg will always mean one thing: mindless, indiscriminate slaughter. Main recalls his time wasted in the Zerg's single-player campaign, where he finally learned what the race was all about.

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