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Issue 261
Happy Anniversary
Editor's Note Letters to the Editor

Remember those overly verbose criticisms that you were forced to read in college, written by intellectuals who used 10 cent words just because they could? Max Steele has taken that style and applied it to something that really matters: Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation reviews.

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Find out everything about The Escapist staff that you've always wanted to know. Who's married? Just who has been faking that Funk? And what is it with ponies?

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LoadingReadyRun has been creating comedy since before this console generation began and YouTube was a twinkle in anyone's eye. Nick Halme travelled to Victoria, British Columbia to visit with Graham, Paul and the rest of the gang to find out just what makes the LRR comedy factory work.

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Many industry insiders thought that it wouldn't work, including some of its contributors. Allen Varney eats his words as he speaks to the founders of The Escapist and learns the history of the magazine and what has made it the mouthpiece of the gaming generation.

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