The Escapist Magazine
Issue 35
The World Without Games
Editor's Note I Will Survive

In a world without games, perhaps we would see other technologies fill the void. Tom Rhodes looks at this possibility, which is rather likely to occur anyway.

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What do popular pastimes say about the cultures that they represent? Today, in our global culture, we have seen the rise of videogames, movies and television as nearly global pastimes. Danay Massey looks at how these pasttimes effect us.

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When it comes down to it, gamers and those that lobby against games are never going to agree. Spanner has a solution.

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"Publishers like EC Comics created books centered on more adult themes. By the early 1950s, comics weren't just for children anymore. Does this sound familiar to you?" Ian Easton describes the creation of the Comics Code Authority, and details what gamers should do to avoid that same situation.

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