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Issue 37
What's in a Game?
Editor's Note What's in a Game?

In November 2005, Warren Spector gave a presentation on the future of gaming at the Montreal International Game Summit that caused some controversy. He joins us here to expand on that presentation, in the first of a four-part article series.

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"One moment, you're neutralizing a pawn to complete a mission objective and capture points. The next, you're a vile murderer ambushing a penniless grunt to get your hands on the castle's loot. What happened?" Will Hindmarch details how small details can dramatically enhance the depth of a game.

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N. Evan Van Zelfden remembers what it was like to visit Rubacava and wonders what it would be like to return again some day.

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"If you can walk, you can dance." Chris Dahlen explores the difference between a "challenging" game and a "cinematic" game.

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