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Issue 38
StateCraft: Update
Editor's Note StateCraft

Warren Spector's four-part series on the current state and the future of gaming continues, asking "Who are we and who do we want to be?"

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"On the surface, videogames seem so easy: So easy to stereotype as an anti-social subculture, so easy to peg as a worthless pursuit, so easy to fit into the large scheme of 'corruption.' But the medium Americans thought they knew is changing, pulling the rug out from under assumption." Bonnie Ruberg looks at the maturation of the gaming industry.

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"Think about the area in which you live - especially if it is not the United States - and consider the local celebrities, the local films and music. Every so often, they go on to mass appeal and fame, but quite often, they remain as small hits in a single part of the world." Dana Massey discusses the potential for regionally focused gaming.

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Though gaming is certainly being explosed to the mainstream, not all of the attention is good. Shannon Drake talks to Dennis McCauley, editor of, on the challenges the gaming industry is facing in the political arena.

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"If you ask me, there are two kinds of players in the videogames of life: There are passengers, and there are drivers. The passengers can be found riding the rails of most single player games; the drivers play MMOGs." Mark Wallace looks at the power of player freedom in MMOGs.

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