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Issue 40
Dungeons & Dollars
Editor's Note Dungeons & Dollars

The economics of virtual worlds have been changing drastically over the past few years. Shannon Drake talks to Kerry Fraser-Robinson, President and Managing Director of RedBedlam, on virtual economics and their upcoming title Roma Victor.

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Even if you don't shop there, or even live near one, the retail giant Wal-Mart has probably affected your life in some way. Allen Varney discusses the Wal-Mart Effect on the gaming industry, and how parts of the industry are trying to break free.

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In the fourth and final part of Warren Spector's sries on the state of the games industry, he discusses what is needed to break out of the best/worst trap.

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It's fairly well known that, as a whole, the game industry is prety immature on several levels. Jason Della Rocca discusses how immature production practices and poor quality of life are bankrupting the game industry.

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Is the community that makes games seems disconnected from the people who play games? Pat Miller talks to "Marvelous" and "TheeTriforceGameMaster" about Empire Arcadia, their New York-based gaming posse turned corporate.

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"Let me regale you with the true story of a game based on a license." Dana Massey looks at the circumstances that create the modern licensed video game.

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