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Issue 49
New China
Editor's Note New China

"Gradually, the rest of the world is beginning to wake up to the power of the Chinese economy. Entertainment software is no different in that respect." Thomas Wilburn tells of his personal experiences in China, where technological development is going hand-in-hand with rampant piracy.

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"Some have claimed that the brain itself is irrelevant, and that consciousness is something that develops when anything, be it billions of neurons or billions of people, organizes and channels information." Simon Abramovitch draws on his experience working with Chinese game developers to discuss functionalism as it applies to game design.

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"China will soon be the #1 online gaming market, and the U.S. has no clue how or why." Allen Varney looks at the growth and future of the Chinese online gaming industry.

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"An hour later ... I awoke from my phone related reverie, realizing I'd suddenly become one of the shop's virtual Terracotta Warriors of the Mobile Gaming Army." Spanner loses himself among the mobile gaming hordes of Manchester's China Town and gains a fresh perspective on the evolution of China's budding new game industry.

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Patrick Dugan takes a hard look at the language barrier between Western games and Eastern audiences, and how a few bright minds are looking to the past to move China's game industry into the future.

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