When does personal preference become intolerance?

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Yeah, that requires the kind of self-awareness and introspection that very few people possess.

Sure, but I mean.. you've got a lifetime to work on it.

And it's not like people don't already spend any time thinking about who they want to fuck and why. Why is it so unreasonable to expect people to take it to the next level?

When you dont let other people like it.

Or when you not liking it hinders the wellbeing of them.

Dating preference is your own. Its not racist to not be attracted to some ethnicities, nor is it sexist to not be bisexual.

But its not an excuse if you're hiring people, its racist.

Also, just because people expect you to have lewd pictures, doesnt mean you should. They serve nothing to the topic and you should really move away from typecasting yourself.

That is pretty much all of what I wanted to say and more.

Prejudiced or not, you can date whoever you want to. I tend to not like non-white women, though I don't consider myself racist. They're just usually not attractive to me, though I would probably phrase it as "you're not my type." Saying "you're not white" or "your skin is the wrong colour" would come off badly.

As Saelune said, it's a problem when you start telling other people who they should like or when it affects the well-being of others.

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