Public Domain Haunted Mansion Footage/ Stock Haunted Mansion Footage

I've got a project in the works at the moment for this coming Halloween. I've been trawling the internet looking for a decent, but free, haunted mansion style establishing shot.

The classic kind with a house at night, maybe raining. Lightning strikes a few times for good measure.

I've searched pretty much all over on many free stock footage sites and even youtube itself (there was some stuff there but honestly it was mainly a bit crud) It did occur to me that the last avenue would be to find a public domain movie with an establishing shot of an evil castle or house of some kind and use that.

I know a fair amount of old horror movies but the amount of time it would take me to sift through every single public domain movie to find a few seconds of a haunted house would be insane. Does anyone here have any recommendations? Do you guys know of any public domain movies which have this classic establishing shot that I'm looking for ?


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