Oats Studios: Neil Blomkamp's experimental film studio

Not sure how many are already aware of Oats Studios so far, it's basically a small independent film studio set up by Blomkamp to test new ideas with the public in the form of cinematic shorts (not the clothing) uploaded on YouTube for free viewing - with the intention of circumventing hollywood publisher meddling or axing fingers - to gauge public reception and decide if any are good enough to work on a feature length project.

For a team of around 30 people, it's pretty impressive what they've produced so far, some with actors like Sigourney Weaver and Dakota Fanning involved in separate cases. All of which are available for free online and for your judgey human eye-beads to criticise or praise. Here are some, but within double spoilers these because there is a focus on sci-fi horror that won't appeal to everybody and you can't accidentally click through 2 spoiler tags I sincerely hope;

This one is less viewer discretionary or 'nsfw' (but what are you doing here anyway if you're at work, traitor of capitalism??) so only one spoiler tag for those that don't like depictions of holy deities;

One late addition, made in real time Unity of all things!

Remember these are all open for criticism to be sent directly to Blomkamp central, not me, I'm just a humble messenger. Soooo...What do you think of their results so far? Will it catch on?

I've seen most of their stuff. Quite like them and the idea behind the studio. I wonder if it will work out for them.

Love the design of the monster in Zygote. All hands and eyes.

Btw, is that Sharlto Copley in the God:Serengeti one? He's frequently worked with Blomkamp, so it wouldn't surprise me.

I thought it might've been him also, and after a quick IMDb check, wouldn't you know...it is indeed Sharlto Copley!


Am hopeful that this technique of creative freedom pays off for them and leads to some wonderful film projects that might reinvigorate the mainstream industry if they perform well. Even if they don't, these ideas would be great to see fleshed out.

I really liked the Vietnam one and I think the studio is creating some interesting ideas, well at least in my opinion being a fan of sci fi stuff.
Would be nice to see them finish some of this stuff in a full length movie.

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