Inhumans, the MCU's first major financial flop

So the ratings for the first three episodes of Marvel's Inhumans are in, and they're terrible. 3.75 million for the first two episodes, 2.78 million for the third. Given the general cost of ads on prime time television, that's at most 12 million dollars in ad revenue, most likely in the 9-10 million area though given I doubt ABC got top prime advertisement charges on every single ad and instead got something closer to the average (900$/1000 views per hour of television, the broadcast standard).

These would be bad numbers for a regular prime time show, unless it was something like South Park where it's made on the cheap. The problem is, Inhumans wasn't cheap. It was, in fact, the most expensive series of the year for ABC, costing reportedly 80-100 million, or between 10-12.5 million per episode. Or in other words 3 episodes in Marvel has yet to recup even half of the budget that's been thrown on screen so far (and let's be realistic, international distribution did not cover the other half).

This is it boys, Marvel has officially had a financial flop in the MCU. We all knew it was going to happen eventually.

It would have happened before with Iron Fist, but it's probably harder measure that.

Still, so far, I'm liking it. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it's been a solid experience thus far.

'The Gifted' has also been a solid C as well.

As you can tell from my avatar, I like The Inhumans. It's definitely not a perfect show. It is a lot more entertaining than most of the heavily hyped shows that people like to talk about.

Oh well, I can see this being a limited series anyway. The royal family is kind of unlikeable to me. The whole system of government seems to based on bigotry against humans. Hopefully, there will be some story arc that will redeem the family of that.

The biggest reason I think is that its on some other service. Its not on Netflix, or even Hulu.

ha! that's where you're half wrong

setting and the branding is MCU no question, but internally, there's a pretty big schism between Marvel Studios and Marvel Television

Marvel CEO Perlmutter is really salty that Feige got the movie studio spun off into a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios and out of his control, and put all his hopes in the tv shows to one up Feige, so the two are pretty opposed to eachother

this has resulted in the movies and shows both downplaying eachothers existance, and the shows are segregated between service providers and channels too, so it's extra fucked, most people seem to have cooled of the serial stuff, it's gotten pretty obvious that they won't overlap and that was one of the main reasons (or rather hopes) that people had with AoS at the start, and then the Netflix shows with actual named and recognisable heroes, but it was all for naught

best people can hope for is that the Perlmutter experiment fails (Inhumans is doing it's job on that front) so hard Feige's given the keys to TV too and he makes something out of it post phase 3

so hey, it's a stinker, but it ain't a blemish on anyone involved with the movies, Feige himself needs to have a juicy fuck up to give the MCU a real black eye, instead, it might set the stage for a promotion for the old Faygo!

Oh shit is that out already? I totally wanted to watch it

Is it a lot like Agents of Shield? Because I've had a huge love bone for AoS since season 1

It would have happened before with Iron Fist, but it's probably harder measure that.

Despite the show being garbage, Iron Fist was actually huge for Netflix. One of the most watched Marvel shows.

Ot: Saw a commercial or two for Inhumans and I could not possibly be more apathetic about its existence.

Unsurprising. Its a bad show when you end up rooting for Ramsay Bolton, which is really the character being played, while the good guys are explicitly racist monarchs who and want to preserve slavery through a caste system. It reminds me of the movie Lincoln. He was a political scoundrel but you were still rooting for him because he was doing the right thing with his power.

So far the villain of Inhumans has overthrown a monarchy, dissolved a caste system and freed a seemingly harmless prisoner from solitary confinement who was imprisoned because his mutation that they clearly could keep under wraps. So far the heroes of the show have thieved, blackmailed, assaulted cops, incited a prison riot and taken innocent bystanders hostage at gunpoint.

I wasn't even aware it was out, when did this happen?

I have a soft spot for cheeziness and Inhumans scratches that itch. The show isn't good but its fun. If you think of it like a comedy and add a mental laugh track to some parts it immediately gets better.

Because I've had a huge love bone for AoS since season 1

A boner for AoS?

Is it fair to say that your, ahem, 'sword' is sticking out?

Oof, not feeling the show right now. It's cheesy, which is fine, Agents of Shield can be cheesy too and I like that show. But I also like AoS' characters and I can't say the same for Inhumans. At this point, I like Ramsay Bolton more than I do the protagonists.

Also, what's with people arbitrarily dismissing weird stuff when they live in the MCU, where there's been 2 alien invasions so far, people with superpowers are public knowledge, and the same god of thunder the Vikings worshiped hundreds of years ago can be found eating shoarma alongside a big green rage monster, a WWII legend and a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist in a robot suit. But something weird going down on the Moon? Nope, can't be.


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