When was your childhood mostly? (Under-35s)
Early Mill 1990-96
25.8% (16)
25.8% (16)
Core Mill 1996-2000
48.4% (30)
48.4% (30)
Late Mill 2000-06
24.2% (15)
24.2% (15)
Early Z 2006-10
1.6% (1)
1.6% (1)
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Poll: For those under 35, which era(s) made up most of your childhood?

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Early Gen Z Culture well there were great games to come out in that era, but fuck me did cartoons ended up being shitty. Phineas and Ferb and Batman Brave and the Bold can suck a dick.

Wait what. Those shows were quite good. There's worst shows from that era to list.

Sorry none of them come close the quality cartoons of yore:

Well I turn 35 next week, so your thread got posted in the nick of time didn't it?

Anyway I'm obviously the 90's kid right in there, Early Millenial or whatever, 16-bit gaming for the most part (SNES, Megadrive, and a lot of Sierra adventure games on PC). I am still stuck in this era as many of my friends, I still listen to grunge and like 90's Japanese, Italian and German sports cars.

By the time we started getting into Playstation, I was in college already.

I'm core. My upbringing was defined by WCW/WWF wrestling, re-runs of Thunderbirds, Golden Eye, dial-up tones, the lingerie sections of Avon catalogues (you kids have it so easy now!), Jim Carey movies, girl vs boy bands, Harry Potter as it came out, Pokemon cards, yoyos, tazos, bouncing boneheads, the death of Sebbuteo, and foosball tables.

I was born in the 87's therefore I am Early Millennial from that chart.

I remember the olde days of SNES, Transformers and the wacky trends like POGs, slap wrist band and etc!

Pretty sure I never left the late 90s on an emotional/maturity level...

The 90s had that effect on people.

Most of my memory is pretty screwed up and out of order, or flat-out doesn't make sense due to a motorcycle accident I had ... but I can't think of anything truly standing out in the 90s. I think I still have memories of the Wall coming down when I was really young and people going on about it andfor the life on me I didn't understand why it was important.

Both my parents seemed pretty excited.

90s seemed pretty hopeful. 90s was that decade when Australia wasn't actually at war with another country, and we were slowly escaping from the effects of the Black Tuesday crash. So I think it was a case of Australian fortunes turning around.

The 90s to me are kind of a blank slate right up until its end, and a second conflict with Indonesia in the works that threatened to become very bitter.

Born in '97 so it's a mixture of Late Millenial and Early Gen Z. Got plenty of childhood memories associated with both periods.

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