Why did your choose your avatar?
Because it in many ways is a representation of me and my personality
24.1% (59)
24.1% (59)
It looks badass
18% (44)
18% (44)
It looks cool
12.7% (31)
12.7% (31)
It's a picture of me
7.3% (18)
7.3% (18)
Its my favorite person
4.1% (10)
4.1% (10)
Its my favorite character
20.8% (51)
20.8% (51)
Its my favorite symbol
3.7% (9)
3.7% (9)
I just picked a random avatar because my profile would look stupid without one
8.2% (20)
8.2% (20)
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Poll: Why did your choose your avatar?

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I'm just curious, what made you pick your Avatar?

I picked mine because its a badass Vault-Boy

P.S I know this forum was made several months ago, I wanted to see opinions as well as poll data.

Because it was the only one on the Escapist selections I liked.

Goes with the name.

I picked randomly and Haze was in my bookshelf, so i went with it.

i've thought about changing but hell, its stuck with me now, i dont want to change it anymore

also i never saw anyone with a Promise Hand avatar so i thought i'd be original in a sence

Because I wish it was real....if only....

I picked mine because of Valkyria Chronicles.

It was the first in my img folder...and cause Pete is awesome.

because its a picture of me

It's a picture of me... Then when genre wars started i edited it in paint to fit my faction and hide my identity

Jack Lambert, nuff said.

Because it's badass.

And also one of my favorite characters.

Goes with the name.

man i had forgotten about terry tate! haha awesome.

I mostly pick/make them at random.

Favorite character, or at least one of them.

STT3 Marauder because its awesome. Ryu Hayabus he' just bad ass

B/c he's my idol.

Reaperman Wompa:
Because it's badass.

And also one of my favorite characters.

He fair is. My avatar is almost as badass though. Almost.

Because I've warmed up to Ciel as a character recently, and I really like her MiB outfit from Kagetsu Tohya.

I'm looking forward to prototype, and it also fits in with the theme that I go with all my avatars.

I'm a cripple, not much more to say.

...permission granted to slap me upside the head for that.

I love anime and music thats why its Renji with a set of headphones.

I picked my old ones because they said something about me. I picked my current one because I think that it looks badass.

Because when Google images brought it up with the keywords "angry pumpkin" I was like "oh, that's perfect."

its anonymous! it signifies what it means to post on a forum at the beginning. no one knows who you are, you are completely anonymous.

I thought it was a pretty interesting book.

It was a mistake in an Image Processing Lab session at Uni.
Thought it looked unbelievably bad ass/cool so I saved it.
That is actually me.

I choose this one because I didn't want to get banned for my other one.

Because Simon is the best character in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. He has the most character development, becomes the most GAR and can make a 10 light year tall mecha out of sheer manly spirit.

I thought it would be too self-indulgent to have a self-portrait, and I'm never really happy using premade ones from well-known series, it sort of feels like an admission of adherence to herd-mentality. There's also my complex about copyright, therefore for totally irrational reasons, I shyed away from using a random image from a search engine.

So, I used a photo I took of a statue at a local graveyard... so now rather than being self-indulgent, ultra-conformist, or legally infringing, it's just plain ordinary pretentious.

Because Viewtiful Joe was an amazing game.
It used to be Ulquiorra in his released form from Bleach.

I was really unoriginal so I picked Companion Cube

I regret it to this day.

Because its eluveitie, and eluveitie is awesome...
Edit: Changed avatar. One of my favorite symbols, it is the Celtic symbol of life and rebirth.

it show what i say o people who insult me.

Because its badass.

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