Guitar players!

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My favourite guitars are my Ibanez GIO GRG07 LTD-2 with White/Blood splatter paint job. It has a nice sound and I love it to bits. My second guitar is a classic that I used when I was six and still use, it is an Admira Infante.

The music that I like playing is mainly blues. To me blues is the best. However I also love playing Green Day my favourite being Basket Case.

I have a Gibson copy, and a Jackson Warrior. Both ok to play. I vary between metal/metalcore etc and progressive rock, with a little bit of acoustic thrown in there for good measure.



My bass is a Thunderbird Pro.

What do you think of the 'ol Thunderbird?

I had one a few years ago and I hated it. The shape of it is horrible! Because it is so top heavy there was the weight of the neck and headstock on my left hand which slowed me down, the strap kept popping off because of the neck dive and I couldn't get past the 15th fret without clawing my hand over like you would on an upright. Also, cheap pickups and cheaper wiring made it sound like crap.

I ended up trading it in for my Fender, best idea ever!

The shape compliments a person of my size. I'm 6'6" and very stocky. I'm also left handed so I don't mind the extra heft. I have really nice straps made of worked leather. I also

The 'Pro' is kind of the low end of the series I think. I used to have an Ibenez (this bad boy specifically ) but found myself playing it less and less and then finally I sold it. Then years later I got the itch to bass again and bought the thunderbird (it was a steal at $239) as I liked my 'firebird' shape so much.

The V does have a slight twang to it but it's made me play more bluesy.

Maybe now I would like to post the baby I am playing the most; That I got from my Grandfather when he passed away.


Epiphone Les Paul, I can't afford a Gibson... yet.

Punk and Metal.

Bass is a girls instrument!


You will learn one day...

You can learn how to be a girl? I want in.

I own a Dean Tradition electro-acoustic and play anything apart from metal, cuz it doesn't sound right on acoustic
Calling all bass players who have infiltrated this thread:
Peavey Millenium 4BXP, fuck, rock and metal ;)

I just started and I have a Epiphone Les Paul Special II. I'm mainly learning Green Day since they're pretty easy, along with Smells Like Teen Spirit. I hope to eventually play metal though.

I got a SX Stratocaster that I modified estheticly. New picksafety (swenglish, but I mean that thing that holds the pickups in place) and new volumeknobs, hells yes.

I usually pick the guitar, crank the volume and improvise blues and rock.

I play Schecter, mostly metal.

I play a Samick Warlock / Epiphone Explorer, and I mostly play rock and metal

I play a yamaha electric bass, a les paul custom and a ibanez electric acustic. My style varies between rock, acusticish stuff, funk and jazz.

Fender Jazzmaster Elvis Costello signature model is my newest and favorite.

Until I got that guitar, I only had two Ibanez guitars, one beginner series electric and one acoustic electric. The electric still surprisingly sounds good to me if I'm playing a bunch of power-chord heavy stuff (which is rare), but the acoustic electric is just not good. It's very tinny sounding. I'm saving up for a Taylor.

I'm mainly rock and folk (Wilco-ish). I've written some awful, incoherent punk songs too (from my Minor Threat obsession). Actually, I play some reggae too.

A while ago, I got my hands on an Ibanez SA series. I've been looking around for something new for a while, but that's really what I've been playing lately.

Also, I just recently fell into my metal obsession again, and have been playing around with metal and it's ilk as of late. However, I normally just play whatever sounds good to me, which is softer rock.

I hear by derail this thread to talk about Bass Guitar.

Agreed. I own a Fender Jazz Bass and like playing, well, jazz.

I have a (brand unknown) acoustic guitar.

I like to play a lot of Beatles, and when I'm not playing Beatle songs, I write my own stuff, but I'm still working on it.

I have a (brand unknown) acoustic guitar.

I like to play a lot of Beatles, and when I'm not playing Beatle songs, I write my own stuff, but I'm still working on it.

I have the exact same brand of acoustic guitar.

I have a fender 60 watt bass amp used for... well, playing music.

So i guess my style is Dubstep/drum n bass?

I play a Mockingbird Special. My genres are hard rock and metal. Some blues too but not much.

Well, I love to play pretty much anything from Flamenco, Blues, Jazz and Acoustic to Metal/Thrash Metal. So I've had to get a varied range of equipment.


Fender Stratocaster USA Ivory - 1997

Fender Telecaster USA Deluxe Vintage Cherryburst - 2005

Gibson Les Paul USA Special Trans Green - 1997

ESP Eclipse 1 DBSB(Bark Brown Sunburst) - 2008

Jackson DK2 PRO - 2008


Peavey Valveking 112 50Watt [1]

Marshall Valvestate VS30R

Kustom Arrow 160FX

I did have a 100 Watt Hiwatt, but I blew it up. Fantastic.

[1] Much louder than my old Hiwatt, due to it having vlaves not transistors.

I have a Gibson Les Paul Classic that I would say is the most consistently good sounding guitar that I own, it'll go heavy, it'll do blues.

My favourite for clean is my Danelectro 63, you have to wrestle with it but it sounds great.

I picked up one of these too.
Schecter TSH-1.

It's not the most versatile, doesn't handle distortion that well, but the lead tones at neck and bridge positions are great.

I primarily play blues, though in practice my own compositions come out as heavy rock.

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