Name our college radio show!

Good news, fellow escapists! I have secured a spot on my college radio station! Me and a friend are doing a music segment where we play all forms of rock and jazz tunes, with the usual radio banter in between songs.

After recuperating from the intense excitement upon receiving the news that we, two college freshmen, had secured a time slot on the radio station, we hit a brick wall: what do we call our show? And that is where you all come in, oh sages of the escapist community.


(Between songs, I was also planning on discussing the latest in video game and technology news as well, similar to attack of the show or x-play. That should be pretty cool!)

radio hero : world tour

Awesome radio.

Thats an awesome radio name.

The Ramone and Frunkiss show.

If you don't get that reference you have no business being in radio.

The Infamous Scamola:
Ramone and Frunkiss.

If you don't get that you have no business being in radio.

Either this, or

Armored Prayer:
Awesome radio.

Thats an awesome radio name.

this. Both are quite awesome.

What college is this for?

MMMatt and his pal?

Montys(or some other catchy name) Fantastical Musical Ride.

...Revenge of the Nerds?

No offense meant, obviously.

What college is this for?

Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. Our mascot is the red fox, if that helps at all.

...Revenge of the Nerds?

No offense meant, obviously.

None taken, naturally =)

College radio: We aren't pretentious hipsters, we swear... well maybe a little bit. In an appropriately ironic sense, of course.

Rowdy Ronny and Johny Music Radio Show

Radio Facial.

I dare you.

I'm going to bed now.

I think we'd have to know a bit more about you, what your into and all that in order to properly name the show.
That being said, how about the "Thrash Dash N' Glide Show". Since it's rock/jazz and games. Thrash for the rock, dash for the gaming, and glide for smooth jazz... best I have so far dude.

Jet Set Radio
(Capt. Obvious to the rescue)

Electromagnetic Radio,................. its all about sound waves.

Uber-Electronica Radiotastica with Steve

Imagine it being said by a computer.

The jazz and the fury.

The Awesome Ninja Variety Hour.

Great title.

All Systems Active FM

Jesus and Pals.

Major Tom Radio... no srsly

OT: name it something that you love like ... FishinChips radio and have someone called fish and the other one called chips... and for the hell of it nickname the school teachers Dip

... What I like the idea

or hell make it a contest first person here with a school jersey names the station as long as the suggestion isn't vulgar

and YES this is an actul idea think about it


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