Life Narrator?

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The narrator from DRAGONBALL Z!!!!!!

Morgan Freeman. That would make my life complete.

Beat me to it. Such a mellow voice, Morgan Freeman is awesome.

Rod serling.
You're entering another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of gameplay. A dimensions who's only bounds are that of the developer's imagination and the engine... you are entering... The videogame zone.

The Mortal Kombat announcer, although I think that would turn me into a mass murderer pretty quickly...


Bruce Campbell. Shop at S-mart.

Any stand up comedian, pretty much. Dara O Briain would be a good example - he'd get drunk as I do, and he'd actually find my chemistry lectures vaguely interesting.

PeeWee Herman, hands down.
Though I'd much rather have the James Bond theme play whenever I walk into the room.
Then I can jump up and do something action-packed when it gets epic.

Stephen Fry or Liam Neeson.

If i were to chose Stephen Fry,My life would be one joke athon.

And if i were to chose Liam Neeson,my life would be pure awesome.

Crispin Freeman in his Alucard voice, or Morgan Freeman.

Captain MacMillan, or Captain Price.

There are so many people to choose from, but the very first person that came to mind was Morgan Freeman, so I'll go with him.

Graham Stark and Paul Saunders.
Everyday would be like an episode of Unskippable.

Either this or,,, Eddie Deezen (The voice of Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory). Although it might get annoying after a while.

Morgan Freeman or Stephen Fry, it would be tough to decide between them. Can I hear it? Then Stephen Fry, that voice just makes me sleepy and I find it difficult to sleep.

Moby can do mine.


President Eden from Fallout 3. I'd say Three Dog but, I'm sad to admit, his voice starts to grate on me after a while.
And Eden's a computer, so he could play background music when I'm doing something boring, like sleeping.

Malcolm McDowell if you didn't know. Thats who I'd choose too, followed closely by Stephen Fry.

David Attenborough. That would just be awesome.

Stephen Fry, Morgan Freeman, and Jeremy Irons.
At the same time.

The sound effects guy from Police Academy. I'd be smiling at all times.

Samuel L. Jackson. .. snakes on a plane style.. would get old though..

Insert Comedy Here:
Patrick Stewart, or Sean Connery.

We need this mans license number and registration............. I couldn't help myself....

Rowan Atkinson... because it would sound really sarcastic, over the top and probably like you hadn't achieved anything in your life just from the way he said it. That and you have to watch his face, because half of his comedy comes from how well he expresses himself.

Morgan Freeman. That would make my life complete.

Yea thats what I was thinking

You mean you don't have a guy talking to you from inside your head?weirdo!

Seriously,I'd love to hear Dr.Coxx in my head ranting all day.

Zach Braff, It would be like watching scrubs all day

bada bada ba da ba bada bada bada ba ba da ding!

Either Ed Vedder or Maynard James Keenan... Eddie because his voice is like none other and he's very intelligent and well the same goes for Maynard really except when he's narrating my life he'd probably use paragraphs that have 8 inter-meanings that you have to read/listen to like 10 times to begin to understand. Plus he'd add a touch of humour, win.


Morgan Freeman. That would make my life complete.

Fuck that, I want Gordon Freeman narrating my life!

He's already narrating your life's, you just can't hear him. He's mute!

Morgan Freeman or Patrick Stewart. They would make EVERYTHING completely epic.


I would take the narrator from Arrested Development, whoever that was.

That'd be Ron Howard-writer/director/actor

o_O You'd want Opie narrating...

OT: William Shatner

Or Harry Shearer (from Spinal Tap, voice actor from The Simpsons).

The Pokemon narrator.

damn it beat me to it

Rob Halford, provided he sung the narration.

I want the guy that narrates those film trailers. He who sounds like he smokes 50 cigarettes a day. He did the "fake" trailers on Grindhouse. He is awesome.

Tom Kenny.
Doubt many of you will know who that is without being told though.

The lady who does the voice of Gaea in God of War II and she also does the narrator job in I. I could listen to her talk for hours.

Actually, I recant my previous post, although Maynard and Eddie are still on the list. Probably David Hayter, the voice of solid snake. Either that or... Sean Connery, Liam Neeson, this girl at my school with an amazing voice and sense of humour, or John Cleese. Actually, I'm gunna go with all of Monty Python.

I think Yahtzee narrating my life like a Zero Punctuation review would be incredible.

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