Whats your favourite movie?

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The Matrix.

No real competition.

Tales of the Past three

Favourite movie from a movie fag point of view would be Pan's Labyrinth
A film I can rewatch over and over though would be Pitch Black or Princess Mononoke

Suiseiseki IRL:
Search Bar! I especially loved the preview.

Normally I'd call you out on that, because I can't stand search bar Nazis. Especially since this isn't a repeat thread, I haven't seen a 'favourite movie' thread here for at least some weeks (possibly months, in fact...). However, that was a pretty epic trailer, so I forgive you. Barely.

Anyway, my favourite film would have to be Romeo + Juliet (i.e. the Baz Luhrman one, the modern day version). Just because I love the filming styles so much, the opening is pretty great, and I think it's a great contrast between the Shakesperean values and ideals and the modern day representation of a classic tragedy. Plus, I'm a massive Shakespeare fanboy, and Baz Luhrman did what few can achieve and made even the Bard himself even better. Which is no mean feat given how great I think the Bard was...

Oh, and dare I say it, but I actually LIKED the Matrix sequels, even better than the first film. Flame me if you must, but I think they were better than the original. Just wanted to point that out.

Either 'A Few Good Men' or 'Highlander'

Star Wars OT, Any Bond film not starring Roger Moore, and, the movie I base my life off of, Catch me if you Can.

God I hate Roger Moore.

Fantasia for me, best animation ever! I was entertained by every single bit of the film with every musical through every scene, it's the closest thing to perfect.

Followed closley by Alien and Shawshank Redemption.

Batman I & II
Kung Pow
Stewie Griffin the untold story
Tenaciouse D POD

I guess walk the line cos it's about my fav singer Johnny Cash

omega 616:
Fight club by a country mile. Dark, funny and violent, whats not to love?

agree absolutly

The Day The Earth Stood Still.

the ORIGINAL, not that POS starring a plank of wood named Keanu...

Donnie Darko and Gladiator.

Nothing can touch Pulp Fiction.


This along with Memento, The Thing, Inglorious Basterds, Rear Window, Hot Fuzz, North By North West, and Some Like it Hot are my favorite movies.


Anyway, my favourite film would have to be Romeo + Juliet (i.e. the Baz Luhrman one, the modern day version).

Am I really the only person who hated this movie?

A clockwork orange. Not the best movie I have seen (but definitely up there), but Alex has to be the most likable and charismatic sick bastard I have ever seen. (Also, the juxtaposition of synthesized classical music and extreme violence is brilliant.)

Ugh, Star Wars. Concept is pretty good but the plot holes and terrible lightsaber fights ruin it. (In fact, the lightsaber fighting in all the star wars movies was pretty bad. They need to learn that the objective is to hit the opponent, not their sword/lightsaber.)

I can't pick one. Here's a list :

8 Mile
Boondock Saints
Dark Knight
Dead Poet's Society
Fight Club
Four Brothers
Ghost in the Shell
One Hour Photo
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
The Last Samurai (stfu, I like Tom Cruise)
Tommy Boy


At risk of being a typical film geek, my favourite is probably Citizen Kane. It oozes charm, and the camera's are far more static than in modern films, so I find it easier to watch.

Schindler's List.I have yet to see a movie that captured the business part of WWII so well.

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