Badass names

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Pimpus, Peterus, Twoseph.


I KNOW McLovin. Okay, not the real one, but his clone. Quite literally, same hair, same face, same eyes, same glasses. We went to HMV and compared him with the Superbad box. A perfect match! (Like my cock and Farmer Giles' prizewinning marrow okay, that's enough The Darkness for me!)

I recently read an article about the 8 manliest names ever, and their number one was Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster, a real person in the US military. It got me thinking...

Can anyone think of a name more badass than Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster?

no that is the badassiest name ever

Jacobo de Pazzi
Gotta love the name.
His story is the most boring of all the targets though

Major Kick Ass Three Clover :D

Sterling Mortlock aussie rugby player

Nikolai von Drachenkrieg
Wolfgang Blitzer
Bullet Diamonds
Batman bin Suparman
Shawn Hatchetman
Loker Bane

Politician Randy Bumgardner.(This is funnier if you're from the UK).

Should be 'bumplunderer'.

If my english teacher had had a son, she would have named him Archer.

Archer Black.

Unfortunately, she had a girl. Most disappointing missed opportunity I've ever experienced.

Samuel L Motherf*ckin Jackson. His name makes Chuck Norris piss himself in fear

Come on, it sounds awesome when you say it.
(its pronounced Sil-reth. Ha! I bet no one expected that!)

Dangeresque is a pretty cool badass name. Also Max Firepower and Frank Zappa.

Kazuma the Shell Bullet. :D

Raze Corik or Avon Thanewolfe (MY fallout 3 characters)

Commander Flex Awesome


"Dr. Payne"

Worth joining the forum for; Ive worked with a Dr Pain in surgery. He's a mastectomy specialist and he's 6'10.
I shit thee not.

for a real name:
Trent Steel.

Vash the Stampede, Marty McFly, and my dad knew someone in high school named Duke Nukem (he was not a badass)

I think the last name Rheeyus/Reeyus is pretty badass, but only when people address you as Mr. Rheeyus/Reeyus.

Clint Eastwood > everything else.


Ultra Laser, D... Dr Doom?

if you get the reference...XD

I'm goona go with...


Especially if you add the surname found in the "A Link to the Past" instruction manual.

"Ganondorf Dragmire"


Badass to the bone.


My diversity of life teacher is called "Paul Craze" pretty badass.

dejesus the wolf trent steel

Saxton Hale, sorry, Team Fortress 2 for the win.


Colin Explosion. That sounds pretty badass.

At first glance I read that as "Colon Explosion" so I think that alone is reason enough to contest your statement.

Hmm.. I wasn't thinking when I wrote the name down it would seem.

You called?

Oh, besides usernames. Kingsley Rocksor the Third.

Chuck Norris /thread

Max Payne sounds pretty badass to me.

But since that's probably already taken I'll just turn to the almighty name generator:


Super Crash Macho Hogan Macho Hit Star Muscles...?
Of all the hundreds of thousands of names I get this?

Chuck Norrix. His power level exceeds Norris' powerlevel. HE EVOLVED I TELL YOU!

Courage Wolf.

Fabian! No, that's my name. That's not badass at all.


Fuck yes.

OT: Richard Pound.

Vidar Hemmeing-Finnish.

Vidar=forest warrior
Hemming=shape changer

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