Badass names

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Reverend Douche Punch-Bomb. Obviously. Not only is the man insanely tough and grizzled, he has the Lord Almighty on his side. And not the loving God either. Bad luck, you heathen punchbag.

Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster.


Dr. Duncan Steel.

They exist. I shit you not.

Kick-Ass! (actual comic character)
Max Payne
Duke Nukem

Chuck Norris!!!

Mike Hawk.

Fabian! No, that's my name. That's not badass at all.


Then I've got a bad ass name. My name is Ash.
Technically it's Ashton but whatever...
Richard Arms. Don't know why it is but it sounds like one.

I've always like the name Scipio, you know from the Theif Lord. Now give him a new last name, because I lost my copy of the book and I'll call him Scipio Romano, The most bad-ass theif ever.

Chuck...Wait for it... Norris.

game over.

There was this idiot savant in my old school called Xavier. Needless to say we embellished his name with lightning bolts and crossed arms.

To quote something from Yahtzee which is not only uber masculine - but makes me smile.

"Sergeant Cockthrust"

My friend Johnny Steele has the best name

I;m going to say Xerxes (and not because of that damn movie 300) or Kowalski for some reason they just sound like kick ass names.

Mister Freeman

Yes. I like this answer.

Jack n. nof

Super kick ass navy seal back flip sniper rifle manwich punchy

Believe it or not, I know a guy who knew a guy whose real name was Steel Justice.

Unfortunately, this particular Steel Justice was a huge nerd. :\

There is a dentist in my area, Dr. Hell.

Having a "Mc" anywhere in a name. Makes it kick anything, anywhere.

For example:

Titan 'Kickass' Slaymaker


Having a "Mc" anywhere in a name. Makes it kick anything, anywhere.

On second thought, he is right...

Titan 'Kickass' McSlaymaker

Rameses Niblik III Kerplunk Kerplunk Whoops Wheres My Thribble

Massive Cookie for reference

McLovin McGee

Kieth...From I.T

I always thought Jack was pretty badass :|

I met a guy named... let's see... Herc Snake, or something? I know his first name started with H. He was Native, of course, but once your last name is Raven, Eagle, Snake, Bear, what-have-you you're already pretty awesome.

My dad lobbied to have me named "Steel" when I was born. Steel Thompson, can you imagine? I suppose I would wear all jean jackets and jeans, all the time.

General Wolverine Lightning Bolt?
I dunno.

yes! i love billy and mandy!

Anna Luxia, a character from my zombie apocalypse story I'm working on

Max Payne

Nazareth Radford. Oh yeah.

Big McLargeHuge

Punch RockGroin


Yeah, I'm done. A hilarious episode, a less hilarious meme.

Detective John Kimble!!

"Who is your daddy, and what does he do?"

There's a guy who goes to my school named James Kicklighter. I always loved his name for some reason.

Snake Plissken



I KNOW McLovin. Okay, not the real one, but his clone. Quite literally, same hair, same face, same eyes, same glasses. We went to HMV and compared him with the Superbad box. A perfect match! (Like my cock and Farmer Giles' prizewinning marrow okay, that's enough The Darkness for me!)

Dude, I actually KNOW McLovin, for real. We went to high school together. I could seriously whip out my phone right now and call him.

But serious question: why is it when I google "badass names" a link with McLovin is one of the first to come up?


I'm texting him this right now

How about the football player. Mister Alexander

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