What would you do with 50,000 dollars each day?

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Say for some bizarre reason (legally), you get 50,000 dollars a day, you get to keep what you didn't spend the previous day (thus you could accumulate for a week). You would get it in the form of a suitcase, all twenty dollar bills. What would you do?

List of what I would do (after acquiring enough money).
1. Buy Farmville and shut it down.
2. Buy a Delorean, Bentley, and a Shelby Cobra.
3. Rent a few swank Trump apartments.
4. Get a butler (a humorous one).
5. Find some online game where you can donate money for prizes and destroy the in game economy.
6. Once the money totally corrupts me I'd start buying and destroying websites I don't like (or making them better).

Ah, I see I'm not the only one who wants a delorean...

Anyway, I'd probably make mysel feven more rich.

Take over the world perhaps? *insert evil laugh here*

I'd buy myself a PC worthy of high def Crysis and enough candy to give an army diabetes. And probably adopt a few dozen cats.

I would stuff my mattress. Then, when that was full, I would stuff other things. At some point I might have a ridiculously large and well made safe placed under my bunker under my brand new zombie proof home, which I will proceed to stuff with... more money.

-Help out Haiti

-Stabilize the economy somehow (?)

-Build a monster gaming PC (like 4TB of storage and 64+GB of RAM[/list]


-never will there be a hungry child anywhere (who isnt a captive)

Buy a DeLorean fitted to look like it did in Back to the Future 2, buy Altair's outfit from Assassin's Creed, buy a shitload of swords, buy all the stuff I need for Cowboy Action Shooting, and of course, a shitload of video games.

Buy a new home, one that isn't falling apart. Furnish said new home with furniture that also isn't falling apart. Buy a new and expensive computer. Buy a crap ton of new games. Invest the rest of my money as well as buying friends shiny things. :3

1) Buy a god's computer
2) Buy other shit
3) Make high risk investments and gain capital
4) Eventually become majority shareholder in a large and influential transnational
5) Use corporation to lobby governments
6) Gain tons of political sway
7) ???
8) With a wrinkled and aged face, after a long life, step out on to the balcony on top of my corporation's headquarter tower, and let out a Palpatine-esque laugh
9) die

I'd run out of stuff after the second day.

-A shitload of video games

-A DeLorean

-A better bed

-The biggest TV I can fit into my room

Of coures I would just spend it on ressurecting my favorite bands

Buy a $50,000 hamburger everyday for lunch.

Get an Elephant and save money by not buying a new car. How, you ask, could I ever save money by doing such a thing? Well, good sir, I suggest you take Peugeot's advice has soon as possible!

Buy the best possible PC and every single game availible for it and then start gathering up money for a few days/weeks/months/years until I can buy some land from somewhere and then make it a country, ruled by me and name it "The Awesome Nation" that all people who are nice and hopefuly smart are welcome, breaking of the law would easily result in Exile.

pay off whatever bills i have at the time so i can be free of evil harassers.

Buy my own living space.

Several Consoles and gaming devices

Give money to Charities and fundraisers

- A good gaming computer
- A big TV
- A lot of games
- A shitload of clothes

I'd also probably wait a week, and then buy a bigger place to live in. My current one is just pathetically small.

I would pay someone $25,001 a day to spend it for me on the principle that I should be rich enough to have people to buy things for me and in order to spend the money wisely and not be tempted to steal they should make more than me.

I know this isn't very exciting but I would probably pay for the rest of my graduate degree (30 more hours at about 1,100 bucks a credit hour). The rest I might spend some on living and then maybe get some really good beer and invest a bit of it.

I'd get an outfit worthy of the wizard I am (a cooler hat, a cooler leather trench, etc.)
I'd get a computer to put NASA to shame.
I'd donate money to green technology and research.

-Repace my hand with a chain saw

- Save up the money to kick the new director of spiderman, out.

- Buy the moonlight bunny ranch!

-Give some to hati

- Buy a rock.

Slap it in a Swiss bank. I'll call for it when I need it.

I'd buy a bitchin' Camaro, buy a house, and prob turn into a fucking degenerate.

The needs of family, friends an thirdly myself.

*Buy the rights to certian Marvel & DC villains & bribe the comic companies to show I dunno, give them their own series. Subsequently, I would allow those villains to be used in movies, but stare over the shoulder of the directors to make sure the didn't f*ck up (hollywoodize) them.

*Vastly expand Telltale Games & have them make episodic games of sick twisted childhood favorites & old LucasArts games like Grim Fandango.

*Help financially support any video game developers that make me happy, from the big guys to the bit players.

*Bribe blonde celebrities to die their hair any color but blonde.

*Make Cactus Cooler & Calpico available in all stores nationwide. (They're hard to find sodas). & I'd bring Crystal Pepsi & Chocolate Cola back too.

*Bribe American chocolate companies to cut the amount of sugar they use in half.

*Buy a law making it illegal for chefs to put pepper on anything. IF the people want it peppery, they can add that shit themselves.

*Buy the rights to Invader Zim from Nickelodeon & give it to Jhonen Vasquez, then pay him to make a comic series aimed at his usual adult audience.

*Buy TV networks that show nothing but programming from the 80s & 90s. Classic Nickelodeon, Classic MTV, Classic VH1, Classic FOX, Classic USA, Classic Cartoon Network, etc.

*Make sure that every state in the USA has a Hard Trance, Oldies, 80s/90s, & a Japanese Rock radio station.

1. Donate to every legit and needy charity in existance
2. Buy the most godly computer ever
3. Download lot's of MMO's and buy my way through levels
4. Pay of every bill I ever had and ever will have
5. Buy every game system I want and the games to go with it
6. Shelter every homless person
7. Feed every hungry child, adult, or mutated old young person thing ever
8. Some how stableize the economy
9. Pay the TV networks to stop showing crap on television
10. Pay Sega, Nintendo, Rare, and every other game company to work together to create the most awesome insane epic long, difficult plot twistyest video game seiries that has more games than LoZ and FF will ever have EVER
11. Do the exact same as the last one but in movie form
12. Then I'd form a time consuming patteren and follow it for the rest of my life and die happy.


I would (in order):
Pay off my student loans
Buy a house
Set the wife up with her dream job of running a daycare
Build UberPewter
Install a T-1 line
Upgrade everything (bigger TV, better cable options, top of the line computer home like in those late 80's early 90's shows, etc.)
Invest heavily in certain properties/stocks/businesses/friends/family

I know, I'm greedy saving charity for last, but I don't think it would take too long to get there. Probably a year, 2 max.

I think most people on this thread are either overestimating how much $50,000 a day is, or vastly underestimating.

Either way, I'd buy a bunch of really nice cars, and a house. Sure I'd have to save up for a week or two, but it would be worth it. I'd carry on with uni, but wouldnt have to worry about money. Which would probably be really bad for my liver...

Guess I'd buy my parents a house, and a new car. Give some money to my sister.
A new TV, a computer of epic proportions. Then some holidays, to Japan, and some sunny places.

Oh, and I would go to Escapism, and I'd probably pay for the others, too.

Go to the bank.
Insert money.
Get more money.
Build giant bunker to keep money in.

Swim in money.

Play World of Warcraft till the end of eternity.

Pay off my school loans, for one, then (carefully) invest some money in the stock market, buy some computer upgrades, buy some more computer upgrades, then split it into 1/4 for me, 1/4 for Wounded Warrior and Childhood Leukemia Research and Assistance Fund respectively, and 1/4 to trying to buy ourselves back from China.

Save it, give it to charity and the poor, and after a few years use the gazillions I have to buy the United States (the inflated price), then sell it to Canada at the low price of $50 (the actual price).

buy the best computer in the world and the biggest drum kit too

Make sure my parents are set for life in a nice house in a sunny place with a butt load of servants. Help out my closest friends. then have parties, lots and lots of parties. Get drunk everyday.

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