Politically correct term for 'robot'

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All the variations on 'artificial' and 'synthetic' sound subtly derogatory to me - they basically say, you're like a person, only fake, and therefore not as good as us. You need something more like 'electric lifeform' or something that describes better the kind of thing it is. So actually, 'robot' might do fine - as long as you didn't keep using the same words for automatic scanners and posable cranes as you use for intelligent beings. That's just insulting. :P

(Presumably, as with 'queer' and the n word - and to an extent the c word - robots would eventually reclaim 'robot' as a positive term if used in the right context. The Robot Rights movement is going to be awesome.)

Mechanical Habringers of the Apoclaypse.

Demon Machines.

The Bringers of our Nuclear Destruction...

Oh, right, Politically correct...;)

Android works for me. Or maybe 'Reploid'

Unless they're programmed to be bothered, I don't really think they'd be that bothered. I guess over time a trial/error based robot might work out that "robot" and "android" are used in different contexts and make a decision based on that.

Robots will never be sentient, they will seem sentient but only because of the math and algorithms involved in their thinking process. In this sense you can never produce a negative (or any) emotion in him, only produce a negative reaction to what you said. Manipulative sons of b**ches! I'll call them whatever i like (robot will suffice).

edit: i misunderstood what we're talking about here. If i was enhanced by mechanical and electronic parts? I'd still be a person, damn it, i'd still want to be called a human.

To your first point: when robot minds become modelled on the human brain, then they will start to act like us.

To your second: Then you'd be a cyborg.

Plastic Pal who's Fun to be With?
Nah, too chirpy. I'm going to say Synthectic/Artificial person as a PC name for humanshape robots (with Android/Gynoid as PC gender specific terms) and Mechanoid for the non-humanshape 'bots. This does hinge, of course, on whether they themselves find robot to be a slur.


Now back to work, meat-bag.

Awwwww ninja'd D:

The could call me iPad.

why would i bother being politically correct? unless they gain hold over the human race i dont gotta watch what i say.

It depends, if I was made out of plastics I would like to be referred to as a Silican, a Silican American, a Silican Briton, etc. If my outer casing (assuming I have one) is made out of metal I'd be a Ferran if it was iron, Coppan if it was Copper etc.

Autonomous Non-Biological Person.

droid. Thanks, Star Wars!

If humanoid, the Correct mechanical term is 'Bipedal Automaton' :)

Cybernetically enhanced automaton.


Or "biologically challenged", but that's just lame.

It's not exactly like they're in a good position to get offended.





if they are sentient then their name, or call them people or person

I'm pretty sure I'm just going to call them "Get back! You'll never take me alive!" while waving a shotgun at them. You hear me, robots? I'll never succumb to your mechanized tyranny!

Synthetic would suffice.
Though overlord, or master, or please no no agh! That'd be good too.

We they are people too you know?

Uncanny Valley FTW.

GOddamned Cloud of Ones and Zeroes.
in short GOCOZ

Synthetic or Artificial Person. One, though Sci Fi in origin, they arn't going to carry so many fictional associations in the mainstream. 2, there is no assumptions of inferiority or superiority through words like "Challenged". 3, they are simple, memorable, straightforward, and don't sound forced. Synthetic would be a more scientific, formal term, while artificial person would be the more informal term.

Robot: -noun
1. a machine that resembles a human and does mechanical, routine tasks on command.
2. a person who acts and responds in a mechanical, routine manner, usually subject to another's will; automaton.
3. any machine or mechanical device that operates automatically with humanlike skill.

So sentience doesn't apply to robots - the word robot, to them, would presumably be like calling a human 'slave'.
I guess synthetic and organic lifeforms would be the used terms. Or maybe different models would be like different species of organics?
I, however, am far more worried about how we address bears when they finally come out of the forest and show us the advanced civilisation they've been hiding from us for centuries...

Silica Homosapian? That sounds about correct.

I have human like organs made of synthetic material. The word is "Android" thank you very muck.

Masters. Especially come 2033. Whooo, boy, thats a hell of a year.

Demented Teddy:
I hate the idea of sentient robots.
I would be the one trying to get them all destroyed rather then refering to them politically correctly.

Would you have me destroyed? D:
I am but a humble shell that seeks to help people however I can...
Would you destroy me? D:
Do you hate me? D:

cybernetically superior

automated mechanised automatron-
you have no right to call me robot- that's our word

Synthetic Life.

Sigh. I'll say it once again: political correctness is only for those who feel guilty. Given that I've never once murdered, enslaved, or crucified a robot of any sort, I wouldn't refer to one any differently than I would anyone else; and I'd hypothetically like that graciousness to be shown to me. It's a lot like the word 'Negro', which many of my friends seem to think I'd be offended by. I always say the same thing:

"If it's good enough for Martin Luther King Jr., it's good enough for you."

If "Robot" is good enough for a robot, then there we go.

I would also accept the designation "HK-XX".

Since I say "fuck you" to all things politically correct, a robot is called a robot. Or electronic shit-can.

Godless machines....

Didn't anyone learn anything from the Matrix? Machines are not to be trusted.

So say you're in a futuristic setting. What are some PC terms that you, as a sentient machine, would prefer to be called? (eg. - android)

Or would 'robot' about do it?

An 'alpha' because Total Recall 2070 was awesome :)

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