Stretched Out Ear Lobes

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Stretched out earlobes gross me out. Not to mention the pain to go through with it, ouch

It doesnt hurt lol...iv got mine stretched and if it did hurt hurt, then me being a girl an all, i wouldnt have dreamt of doing it haha

I forget the exact diameter, but up to a amount much larger than you would probably guess, they will close up.


Well my friend's Ethiopian, and he does it as a family tradition. Not to obscene length, but maybe a quarter or half inch gap. And they don't look disgusting, it's something I easily forget. And maybe I haven't gotten that close to him, but I've never noticed them stinking. It's just something some people do, simple as that.

Does he also have one of those lip-discs? Those are just silly looking.

Er... No.


D Bones:

They are gross but I'm sure there are cultures where it is a sign of something more important than just "i want to look counter-culture".

yea, i'm goin to get some neck rings later this week. haha


D Bones:

The idea of those saggy, stretched out lobes disgusts me. I have no earthly idea how someone could do this to their body; especially a highly-visible part of your body, like your face.

ears aren't actually part of the face.

anyway i agree on the rest. people just like to do extrme things. i like jumping of mountains,others people like to stretch their ear lobes to abnormal sizes.

seriously? when you look at someone's face, you see the ears.

Thats what I thought at first too. Since he didnt repsond (I think), I'll put words in his mouth. Maybe he means that ears are a part of your head and not your face. Just a guess. I think it should be considered your face though.

did you wash your hands before putting words in my mouth? you better have!

anyway you were right it's part of your head not the face.
just like your hair isn't part of your face.

only the front side of your head counts as face. so the sides,back or top of your head isn't part of your face (ears being on the side,not counting as face)

There's a documentary out there called Modified that invetigates the different types of body modifications out there ranging from tattoo's to the earlobe thing to some really crazy stuff. I'm sure it won't change your mind about the subject but it's an intresting little watch that should at least give you an idea what goes through the minds of folks that are into that sort of thing.

You can most easily find it on netflix watch instantly.

I find the whole concept of people picking up gauging to try and be trendy offensive. For those that don't know, the practice started back in Africa during the slavery years. The point was that they could deform thier body in an unobtrusive way, and then slavers wouldn't take them because selling a disfigured slave was harder and less profitable. This was the same reason that neck lengthening started, with the stacking rings system.

Since then some of it became tradition in African countries, but mostly as a rememberance of the tragedies of their heritage. Seeing tatooed and pierced up white kids do it makes me want to beat them ruthlessly.

People are stupid and have some delusion that people will like them for it, or even worse they like it. It's all personal preference, but then again some people like having sex with dead people.

I don't care for it, looks like senseless mutilation to me

Well, I know it's a cultural thing in some places in Africa, so it's more common to see them there, but I have seen pictures of people in America doing it and it's just disgusting. (There's a neat picture somewhere of a guy carrying around a shot-glass in his earlobe that's funny and sick at the same time.)

I have my ear streached to 10 mm, The sub culture of girls I like seem to like it.

I think it looks better on guys than it does girls.

And there is a point were if in the future you want your ear back to normal is if you dont Streach it any larger than 10mm then if you want it closed, you take it up to a 12 and basicly leave it.

I think they look cool only if they don't distort the shape of the ear lobe itself. Flesh tunnels in the ear lobes can look good depending on the person but like the OP I don't get why people put these massive disc things in & I do think they look stupid.

On the other hand its their choice. Just like it was mine to have the piercings I do have. Just like years ago it was my choice to have a foot tall mohawk on my head. Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks just what you do.

I don't mind them. Y'know, until people take out the discs inside of them and start fingering them. Uuurgh.

Am I the only person who doesn't really mind it?

Got some self satisfied jerk with the personality of a dead sperm whale and the manners of a starved cannibal who got his ears progressively enlarged for a few months.

The sole thing that prevents me form laughing until he comes over and removes all my teeth for me is the satisfaction of the embarrassment and the pain he will rightfully receive when he runs past a head high nail in a plank of wood

Still, hoping he dies before then...

I personally find them disgusting. But hey that's just me!

And most people on here it seems. . .

Samuel Cook:
I hate them as well, but I hate all types of piercings. Why people think it's attractive to have stuff through body parts I'll never know.

Some girls can get away with a tongue piercing though. Guys should never get something like that! And the bonus that it does feel different when a girl has a tongue piercing ^^.


Now he just pierces everything.


You have a sick mind,sir.

I find most forms of body modification sexy, though i do have limits, but the stretched ear lobes aren't one of them. They can look great on a person that looks great "by default", but body modifications aren't all about aesthetics either.

I sorta wanna sneak up on one of those people and put a massive padlock through those ear ones, and then run the hell away cackling manically.

Ph0t0n1c Ph34r:


Now he just pierces everything.


You have a sick mind,sir.

whaaaaaat? i meant nose........

I find them to be strange and would never ever get one of these, but like with the rest of this kind of body manipulation I enjoy the image of them sitting at home with 80-something.
"Grampa, why do you have pointy ears?"
"Well honey, in my days there was this show called 'Star Trek' and your grampa was a really big fan. So now I'm stuck with them since 50 years, never got several jobs and get laughed at by local children."

Lol I personally like stretched earlobes. I would never do it myself because I don't have the dedication needed, but it's definitely a turn on for me

Bleh, I don't like them at all. Especially when people go and stick straws or pencils through them.

They aren't my cup of tea. I don't mind them so much if they are the simple small disc ones but when you get to the insanely large and start putting strange objects in them...yeah that gets just a little gross.

I sorta wanna sneak up on one of those people and put a massive padlock through those ear ones, and then run the hell away cackling manically.

haha, i love that idea. i'm going to keep a masterlock on me at all times now. i'm thinking we will need a good catchphrase to yell out as we run away...

wow a lot of negative opinion..
as was said before, nobody walks around with them flapping around.
it just depends on what you like.
you don't have to go insanely big with them

Sometimes it can look ok, if you're using one of the smaller disks, if you're going for the whole punk, rebel without a cause, kind of look, it can definitely work. However I have seen a guy walking around my college who has ridiculously stretched out earlobes, to the point where I could probably get an old half dollar coin to fit in there if I wanted, and it just looks horrible.

My philosophy on it is, if you've stretched out your earlobe to the point where another guy could fuck you there, you've gone too far.

Of course there's negative opinion. It's disgusting and I can't fathom why anyone would want to deface their body and make themselves look ridiculous.

At least when early tribes did this sort of thing it had some cultural and/or ritualistic meaning. In today's modern age though, I don't think there's a place for this kind of primitive mutilation. - are those health risks worth it?


Ow ... Sir, you don't have to shout in here. It's quite rude, in fact.

OT: Yeah, I think they look pretty wierd. Not very attractive.

I'm surprised people do that, I suppose they want to be unique. Mission accomplished I suppose, but now they're outcast.

You're talking about those Gauge things? Oh yea, they're hideous.

I can't explain what I like about it. It has nothing to do with being trendy or offensive, for me. I really don't know. The pain was an experience I wouldn't trade (it wasn't horrible, it was just interesting), and having them just... I don't know, I enjoy it. Mine are only 4 gauge (about 5mm), but still. I love my stretched lobes.

Ok well seeing as i don't know how to post images i leave you with a link

If you thought Ear Gauging was bad you probably don't want to look at this

They can look good as long as they don't change the shape of the lobe

but they smell soo baaaaaaaaaaaaad

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