Oh No! You're Going to be Executed! What is your Last Request?

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Make me Emperor of the world, then have them executed for wanting me dead. ya.

Make me Emperor of the world, then have them executed for wanting me dead. ya.

Welcome to the Escapist!

Give me my knife and put me in the ring with a bear. If I can kill it, and survive, you must let me go. Honestly, you can't put a price on that kind of entertainment.
If that option isn't available, then I want to have an orgy with Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, and Olivia Munn. Then you will strap me to a rocket, launch me, then fire a laser cannon at me. If you can name that reference you will receive, the ULTIMATE COOKIE!!

I would ask to have leonardo di caprio to die with me, BUT NOT BEFORE I HAVE PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE!!!!! Ahem... if not maybe some vodka.

Actually I want to go out like

at the end of Gran Torino.

I'd get Seras Victoria's execution. Who wouldn't want to be Alucard's extra firepower?

I would ask to be written a poem that will be sung in polka over the intercom before i die.

Strap me to a nuke, send me off to the moon.

...fuck yeer.

Firing squad: Bullet proof vest
Electric chair: rubber suit, actually, no, I'd look stupid
Hanging: an invincible neck
Guillotine: same as above

I would beg and plead and... BUT WAIT! Tuttle came back! Me and my girlfriend escape! Everything is good! La-laaaaa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaaa-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaaa-la-la-la-la-l......

Cred for posting what the reference is.

For me to be given the time and resources to create my game. That will take a long time, giving me a few years, plus I now have funding

i just wanna freak them out before i die saying: too bad i won't be able to stop the bomb now!

I'm gonna be a real son of a bitch and ask to be executed with the biggest nuclear bomb available.

"Give me the gun! I'll do it my self!"

The DSM:
The firing squad only have potato guns.

Lets see them try and kill me with small bits of vegetables.

To quote Leonardo Da Vinci "In large enough douses, that which heals you can kill."

In Assassin's Creed 2, anyway

To have Mr T, Jet Li, Chuck Norris and Batman in the same room as where I'm going to die. That much awesomeness instantly grants me a place in history.

That I be able to have chili and laxatives 10 minutes beforehand as my last meal. If I'm going to be killed, someone's going to regret it even if it's just the janitor.

I'd force my potential executioners to have a karaoke dance-off to Lady Gaga songs. The winner gets to execute me.

Come on, who dosen't want to see a bunch of big prison gaurds dance around and sing songs?

i request to be allowed for my patended method of execution described in this other, very similar thread^^ heres the copypasta:

i will insist on taking my own life as my execution, in this extremely awesome way:

-i will take a bridge with a way below where people go on ocasion.
-i put a rope on the rail and the other end on my feet, so that when the rope is fully extended, my head will be, say, 2 meters (that's roundabout 6 feet for our colonist friends) above the ground
-i will make a slope of nylon string with my neck in it, so my head gets cut off when i jump.
-i reach around the slope, so that only my neck will get cut by but not my arms
-i glue my palms, arms turned so fingers down, to the sides of my head

right, so then i wait for some people walking below and i will take the jump. now my head will get cut clean off, and my body will hang head down on the rope while I HOLD MY OWN HEAD, spitting blood and everything, right in the face of some poor shmuck now traumatized FOR LIVE ^_^


Thus never being executed.

Let me meet one person who's never tormented somebody for extended periods of their life, never caused the kind of horrible emotional pain I've been through in my life, never crushed someone's soul dead, and I'll be able to die happy.

This has the added benefit of meaning that, if the people executing me have limited enough resources that they can only search my town, I'm guaranteed to never be executed.

play diablo four?

Be able to get an EGOT
You fools! It is impossible to kill an EGOT! MUHAHAHAHA!!!

Bring me a high born virgin, so I may feast upon her flesh.

You'd probably die first from eathing the infinite buffet than anything else.

kill the highlander chopping his head off would be so bad ass... and conveniant!

I am imortal...


Distorted Stu:
To play Duke Nukem forever.. that should give me a few extra years to live.

LMAO!!! If I ever find myself in a situation like this.. I'm so using that!!

to at least star in one action movie Sayyyyyy maybe it could be a POW that got stuck in a detention camp and is going to be executed the very next day, but is able to escape with his team and the girl!

Hell, they could film it right there!

i'd want to be hanged for the manner of execution........with a liquid rope

To switch places

A pixie caramel?

I wonder how many people will get that one...

Request: That whoever's in charge of executing me would die as I do, immediately before me.

Bastards may get me, but at least one or several of them go down first. And the society that spent tax dollars to elect those officials (if they are indeed elected) will have to do so again.

final wish is to not be executed.

I'd ask for my firing squad to all have revolvers with just a single bullet each. If I survive the firing range, they let me go.

If I die, well then I was going to anyway. If I live, I get the greatest failed execution story ever, and a new lease on life.

To be allowed to play Forklift Truck Simulator before I die.
"Okay, you can kill me, but I get to kill you first!"

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