Blood drawing difficult because veins too small/hidden

Hey Escapist,

I was wondering if there were any health-nuts here in the forums. Essentially, I need advice on how to get my veins (primarily in the arms) more prominent/accessible. Every time I go to get my blood drawn (for blood tests), it makes for a rather irritating experience because I have to basically pray that my phlebotomist is an expert. Even then, it can be difficult and I'm usually poked 2-3 times. Either that, or they'll resort to my hand.

Any tips for making my veins larger? From what I've read so far, the most effective method thus far is to drink lots of water. The second, which may or may not be truly effective, is to work out the muscles in your arm areas.

Tips would be appreciated, because I don't want to be stabbed like this until the end of days. Much thanks

Pumps da irons and get the veins all bulgey!!!

Muscles brings the veins to the top, therefore being more visible.

Or you can eat fat foods.
I mean, all that fat must make them big as hell.

Well, heating them profusely will help if you do it right before the examination, although that may be difficult.

Drinking lots of water is good to, and so is pumping weights.

Well, in blood doning, they get us to flex our arms, then squeeze an object in our hand really hard.
That usually works to make a vein stand out.
Well, I think that was how we did it. It has been a couple of months, and my memory sucks...

Immerse your forearm in very hot water for a minute or 2 beforehand. Works pretty well for me and I can guarantee I have worse veins than you.

Do like heroin addicts do... Except for the Heroin bit... that gunk is ill (cookie for the reference)

Wrap a belt above your elbow... So its nice and tight... then start slapping the inside part of your lower arm as you flex it up and down... I think the veins should show up...
Of course I have no personal experience of this... Just watched Trainspotting a hell of alot of times...

I have the same problem every time I go to donate blood. Last time I went they tried BOTH arms and just ended up with huge bruises and a sudden spurt of blood shooting out of one arm in the car park on the way home.
The lifting weights thing works- just lift a pile of books or something a good few times before you go to get blood drawn, the exertion does actually bring the veins into prominence.

But yeah, good luck! It freakin' hurts to get stabbed with a needle so much.

I don't think your diet has anything to do with visible veins.

If you want that, pump some iron!

Or you could be like me and just have small veins that won't appear anywhere but your hands :P

Thanks everyone. I guess I'll try doing some quick lifting.

Thanks everyone. I guess I'll try doing some quick lifting.

greyfox's suggestion was better actually
lifting iron to give blood is the weirdest reason i have ever heard really :D made me laugh though


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