Did they show you this video in High School?

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lol his pant's almost fell down by the end

that guy is the safest person to be around, you never know when you'll need 10 handguns, a shotty and an UZI
it's real out there

Punks will still bring weapons to school despite whether or not a dress code is enforced.

What I want to see is a person MOVING in that gear. And not sounding/walking like a Robocop on hemorrhoids.

Haha, holy crap how many guns does that kid fit in his pants? That's got to be some sort of record!

And no I never had to watch something like this when in school.

1) I live in Canada. When was the last time you heard of a school shooting in Canada?
2) I homeschooled through my highschool years, so I didn't have to worry about this.

Nope. I live in Norway, and statistically, more % of the population has guns here than i the states, but I guess we're simply not just a bunch of dumbasses (OOOOOH SNAAAAAAP), I'm kidding.

No, we didn't see the film. We didn't get a school shooting either.

My face when i saw the uzi:

I lol'd.

But indeed the uzi took me by surprise and I thought the rifle was just overkill, no way could he conceal that and move naturally :D

I've never seen this vid before, now dress codes make more sense... I mean there are still plenty of places to conceal weapons but w/e they love having reasons to force shite on peeps >_>

Nope we didn't It'd take too much effort to aquire a gun over here, and none of the delinquents have the patience to do so. We still have to wear uniforms though, presumably to sate our teachers and their weird domination fantasies.

Now that's quite a big inventory.

I live in the UK, where most of the schools already have a uniform.

I remember seeing the video somewhere, but I'm not sure if it was at school. Anyway I feel pretty safe at my school with all the gangsters walking around armed. If some nerd kid snaps they'll have the equipment to deal with him. I don't really fear the kids in the gangs, I'm a pretty nice guy and they seem to like me.

Guns? Lol, not in my Sweden. A world where school shootings take place seems so distant here.

...only in America.

Also, yeah, Australia.

Plus uniform. I have a tie! ^^

If you had my school tie, you could hide a couple of knives or a balisong up there.
You know, if you want to accidentally stab yourself with the knot in your tie.

I'm in Australia, and we have a uniform, so not much happens.

yea he can hide all that... but lets see him do it while he is walking.

I don't think it's practical to have a shotgun down the leg of your pants.
Nah, we have uniforms at my school. Just another way Australia wins.

So... if he was wearing a tucked in shirt and kaki pants that means somehow he couldn't hollow out a textbook and put in a saturday night special?

Nope, I live in Australia.

No school shootings here, no sir.

Also, we all wear uniforms anyway.

Yep, pretty much this. It's sort of odd really, you Americans have no uniforms (Woo! Indivdualism!) yet many school shootings (Boo! Death!) and we Australians mostly wear uniforms (Boo [Sort of]! Blandness!) but have few school shootings (Woo! Peace of mind!).

how is that kid expected to walk with a rifle in his pants?

no but they did make us watch something similar about gun safety with this stuff was just part of a brief section of a 4 hour long combo of movies and speechs by mc safety and the caution crew(I forget their real name it was just the generic anti whatever people trying to be hip) about how drugs will make your dick explode and turn you gay.

I've definitely seen that video before in an official setting, but I don't remember if it was in school. It probably was, though, since I can't think of any other reason I would have been made to watch it. But then my school didn't really care how the kids dressed, as long as they did.

It was used in Bowling for Columbine as well, I'm not American but I recognise it from there.

Kind of puts Halo's 2 guns rule in perspective.

In fact yes. I remember watching it in a giant amphitheater with like 500 other students and there was a lot of "OH CRAPS" and "DAMMMNNNS".

Swedish. We're not that keen onshooting our classmates. Of course, Us kids aren't that keen on it either, but way too many peeps forget it's about how often people get shot and not how often they talk about it on the news.

No we didn't really have a dress code. The video doesn't really make a good point anyways, people would notice all the stuff hidden away in his clothes the second he tried to walk.

So that's what your dress code was for? Ours was pretty much in place to keep things appropriate. No slutty clothes, no PJs bottoms, no crude images, no hats...my school was pretty lax I guess. Occasionally they would make students change into t-shirts and one year we got a vice principal who walked around with a ruler so he could measure the girls skirts to make sure they were the proper length, but I'm pretty sure he was just a perv. >>;

australia also nah we got a pretty good sex ed one where A dude gets a boner on a diving board i remember that being shit funny

In England we had a dude getting a boner at his gran's house and covering it with the cat...

We also had a Jamaican gentleman lecture us about how it did not matter how big our junk was

they showed me this in middle school 6th grade

Back when I was a Freshman in High School the Principal decided to show this video in order to prove that dress code is a safety measure. And no this wasn't showed, because of Columbine.

I'm asking this question since I had friends from other high schools tell me they were forced to watch it along with an hour long speech on why dress code is important to the student body.

So did your high school make you watch it?

man that kids lucky i could not find that model of smiths and western revolver do you know where he got it from
OT: they showed us it used the dress code for a week then topped after one kid threatened to burn the school down if it went on

Nope, I live in England so there's no need. ()(^^)()
Also, I don't have a dress code.


australia also nah we got a pretty good sex ed one where A dude gets a boner on a diving board i remember that being shit funny

In England we had a dude getting a boner at his gran's house and covering it with the cat...

We also had a Jamaican gentleman lecture us about how it did not matter how big our junk was

Oh god, you just opened up a whole can of worms. THANK YOU. [/sarcasm]

Once again, I'm an Aussie and it's compulsory to wear a uniform not to mention our strict gun laws. So, our teachers were more concerned with the issue of safe sex.

Or people could just raise their kids properly.

But I'm sure its video games fault somehow.

OT: Never seen the video in school. Guns aren't a big issue in Canada.

Jesus Christ, that guy literally pulled an uzzi out of his ass!
Now that is talent.

I have never seen that film before, but i grew up in the UK where guns aren't exactly readily available, however they still managed to force a school uniform on us. They never came up with a convincing reason however.


Wheres the rocket launcher now?

No dress code here, wouldn't follow it anyway

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