Did they show you this video in High School?

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I'm pretty sure there is no schools here in Denmark that has a dresscode.

Dope there isn't
Besides school shootings never happen here
I mean you get the front page if you just start a fight in a bar

My face when i saw the uzi:

O face Pictures, Images and Photos

THAT is the most disturbing picture in the history of mankind.

I salute you.

I never been to a school with a dres code, though there are a couple around here. I was still amazed by how many weapons the dude was literally pulling out of his ass though!

EDIT: Oh, so that's how Gordon Freeman does it!

Nope, that''s the first time I've ever seen that video. To be fair, we all wore uniforms anyway, so dress code wasn't that big of an issue. In any case, the only videos I remember being shown at school were ones about contraception and geography.

In Great Britain, We have school uniforms, and guns are extremely difficult to get hold of.
Unfortunately, an adult recently shot many strangers, then himself. I foresee a tightening of gun laws, which can only be ag good thing.

Ok, how does he sit down then?

Well were any of you made to watch THIS video in secondary school?
Because we sure were. And it became a running joke for about a year.

Well I don't live in the U.S.A., and people in England don't all carry around guns but we did wear uniform.

I saw that before, but not in school. The kid could have gotten so much more in there, why not put an m4 down your back? Stupid kids.

We don't have a dress code, we just have school uniform, but the school uniform is no better than that, it's black shoes, an optional jumper, a polo shirt, and black trousers. Although they are going to change it so instead of a polo shirt ad jumper, it will be a shirt and a blazer.

Back when I was a Freshman in High School the Principal decided to show this video in order to prove that dress code is a safety measure. And no this wasn't showed, because of Columbine.

I'm asking this question since I had friends from other high schools tell me they were forced to watch it along with an hour long speech on why dress code is important to the student body.

So did your high school make you watch it?

Pretty sure I saw this video when I was a freshman aswell, I remember me and my buddies laughing at how much arsenal this kid is pulling out of his pants, and then questioned the teacher that walking stiff legged down the hall, because he has a rifle in his pants, would be a little suspicious wouldnt it?

P.S. The odd part was that we didn't have a dress code (or one that they took serious enough to reinforce) so the video was basically a waste of time to watch and discuss since it didn't do much beyond that.

no though out school i had a uniform and then sixform came and bam wear what ever you want...just dont push it with things like wearing a t-shirt saying "pants on head retarded" or pisshead.

what a goddamn trooper, kudos to that guy for ingenuity

OT: no guns and all uniforms in this country thank you sir.


Nope, I live in Australia.

No school shootings here, no sir.

Also, we all wear uniforms anyway.

except that one way back with the crossbow. Does that count as a shooting if it wasn't a gun?

I think it does but as a ninja you already knew that.

Mr Companion:
Well were any of you made to watch THIS video in secondary school?
Because we sure were. And it became a running joke for about a year.

yeah.. I remember that... we had to go see him live.
but at least he was fun to read and watch, unlike bloody Carol Anne Duffy..

My face when i saw the uzi:

O face Pictures, Images and Photos

XD I love Egoraptor.

But that was my face when he pulled out the rifle.


My face when i saw the uzi:

O face Pictures, Images and Photos

THAT is the most disturbing picture in the history of mankind.

I salute you.

you've never seen!?!?!?!?!
i'm improving your life

Mr Companion:
Well were any of you made to watch THIS video in secondary school?
Because we sure were. And it became a running joke for about a year.

I love it! XD

It was our teacher that read it, and combining the phonetic way it's written and to be read, with her annoyingly shrill voice and yorkshire accent made for a hell of an experience.

Wow! he had a shotgun down his pants!, any way OT, no iv never seen that, I live in England. We have school uniforms though and the teachers go apeshit if you have your shirt untucked, I guess this is why? LOL

generic gamer:

I've definitely seen that video before in an official setting, but I don't remember if it was in school. It probably was, though, since I can't think of any other reason I would have been made to watch it. But then my school didn't really care how the kids dressed, as long as they did.

It was used in Bowling for Columbine as well, I'm not American but I recognise it from there.

Kind of puts Halo's 2 guns rule in perspective.

That must have been it. Thanks.

No and did he just pull a rifle out of his pants? 0_o

"Hey, are there 20 guns in your pockets or are you just happy to see me?"
The guy has really big pants... though I wonder how he wants to sit with a rifle down his pants.

And no, never watched something like that. Then again we don't have any dress-codes or school-shootings. Infact, owning a weapon is damn strict here, so yeah, no wonder.

Australian here.

Something that's causing a lot of debate over in Australia at the moment is the Islamic dress code vs. security and identification (burqa's have been used in armed robbery). Is there similar issues in America? Slightly off topic, however I think it's still relevant enough.

thats a hell of a lot guns in one pants... gives meaning the frace ''is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?''

this is an idiotic video sure he could probably stand there and look normal but the second he tried to move one of 3 things would of happened 1)they all fall out exposing him and possible injuring anything nearby 2) they go off in his pants making it so no one would every do it again or 3) he simply can move being to confined to walk he would hobble harmlessly while lokig like an idiot. however i could be wrong but there is the point that know one will ever need that many weapons short of zombie apocalypse. and no one is trying to smuggle an armory into a school just 1-2 smallish guns to kill some unlucky bastard and maiming a few innocent bystanders in the process and 2 handguns can be hidden in a standard dress code its stupid if you make something forbidden people will want it more. no one ever asks for water during a flood and im not saying there shouldn't be laws and precautions but limiting someones ability to be mentally comfortable given the weaknesses to some peoples mind that might cause more shooting then allowing baggy pants. also theirs the detail that concealing weapons would be a premeditated act so that person is screwed in or out of school in an act of rage or w/e they would just rush in at first chance not thinking it over...... i think i may have gotten a bit carried off so i would like to say that this is an opinion with no testing to my knowledge to verify it......yea

Firstly: No.
Secondly: How the hell did he fit all that in his trousers? Especially the rifle.

My school didn't have a dress code, so until now, I'd never seen this video.

Eight pistols, two knives, an Uzi and a Remmington (I think 870) pump-action shotgun.

Your normal concealed weapons you find in a kid.

Can never say I've seen this is school, my school has no sense of humor.

Don't live in the states, it's not easy to get a gun here.

And people want to ban the Burqa because they think people are hiding weapons under them. At least this proves my point that you can do that without a Burqa. All you're doing by banning them is infringing on human rights and picking on people because of extremists!

Anyway, I thought it was getting stupid when he pulled out the machine pistol; then came the shotgun...

And no, we were never shown that - but I live in Britain, and we wore school uniform.

Anyone else notice he didn't walk while he had those 35 pounds worth of steel in his pants?
Yeah? Well. You can't.
That's just made to frighten extreme liberal parents.

Edit: no i didn't read the thread. but I'm still right!

No. We were shown the same video 8 or so times about Cyber-Bullying.

The problem with it was the acting, the holes in reality[1] and the horrible script[2].

And of course, the horrible soundtrack.

[1] For example on MSN, anyone can talk to you

Spy Killer:
That kid was able to pack more heat than frickin' Nico Bellic!

Innit?!? Seriously, These schools must be thinking worst case scenario if they think a student must have enough fire-power to take down an entire nation. And hide an uzi up his ass.

OT: We have uniform, but none of us follow it anyway.

I saw that outside of school. Also, can I point out that, no matter the uniform, you could probably stash a gun in it. The only way I can think of to absolutely prevent that would be to have skin-tight clothes but that would be considered too-sexy so I think it's pointless. Despite how safe or secure you try to make a place, you can still sneak stuff through. I won't say how but it's possible. I know people have gotten by with it in the military despite all the safety measures to prevent. I never did, there was no reason for it other than some stupid "souvenir", idiots. Also, can I point out that no kid would need to pack an arsenal like that? Seriously, when was the last school shooting where they had more than one gun per kid?

Surely it would make more sense to carry around just the Mac 11 and piles upon piles of Mags for it, as having just one Mag for each of those guns sort of defeats the point of carrying them all.

On Topic: I was never shown this video, as I live in the UK, and I don't think it's shown over here (If it is, it wasn't when I was at the age they show it to you). We just constantly get hounded about how masturbation is OK, and how we shouldn't do drugs, and how bullying is bad.

My school never showed that video, but I saw part of it in Bowling for Columbine. We had a dress code, but not uniforms. I'm to understand that because we were a Catholic school this is both abnormal and boner kryptonite.

We settled disputes properly...with our fists.

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