Did they show you this video in High School?

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I don't think he could walk well with a fucking rifle stuck in his pant leg. And this many guns would be heavy as fucking hell. And too many, for that matter.

I'm from Canada, and I haven't been shown that video... We didn't really have much of a dress code either, as long as you don't show too much skin (as in, it's okay to wear a top that leave off a few inches of skin, but if it's the size of a bra, you might get stopped or something.

This is a very insightful video though, I never knew I could hide my guns so easily. Now I won't have to carry a duffelbag with me to school! Hahah. Seriously, this video is hilarious.

Edit: Of course, if you assume the kid took out all the guns, you're mistaken! He has a bazooka up his ass, ammunition included.

English state school. We wore shirts and ties. The fashion when I was there was to have your tie as short as physically possible, which looked absoluelty daft



But no dresscode can prevent you from bringing your Mikuru beam to school, right?

Yup no law can stop me from unleashing the Mikuru Beam.


My face when i saw the uzi:

O face Pictures, Images and Photos

Pretty much me after I saw the shotgun

Pretty much me after i saw him pull out the BFG 9000 and kill the camera man.

Edited due to my, probably irrational, fear that my comment may have been considered offensive



My face when i saw the uzi:

O face Pictures, Images and Photos

THAT is the most disturbing picture in the history of mankind.

I salute you.

you've never seen!?!?!?!?!
i'm improving your life




oh, "awesome" should have known. I agree with the kid at the end "'_'"

Nope. I've never seen that video before this.

LOL. There is no way he could fit that many guns. Or at least the shotgun. And he was standing still. I bet you'd notice it if he was walking, or if you told him to run, for that matter.

That was a pretty amazing video, I mean no way you'd pack that many guns (but more rounds).

We watched the miracle of life.

I had to laugh at his antique Derringer he pulled out, but cmon really the shotgun he would have been limping around or atleast walking differently

no p.s.oh my god

There are gun laws here so no I have never seen the vid.

I am now convined that a marine's uniform should include baggy pants.

Nope, have never seen it, but thanks for making my day ^_^
When I saw the Uzi and Shotgun I was like: "what kind of thing are you thinking of
doing packing that much heat!?!? "

Before someone gives me a witty comment, i know what kind of thing.

This video makes me laugh.

Because trying to move when you're weighed down with THAT much firepower would sooner result in the perpetrator tripping over and shooting off their own balls by accident than hurting anyone else.

Nope, I live in Australia.

No school shootings here, no sir.

Also, we all wear uniforms anyway.

We don't! Bwhaha!

OT: Nope, never seen it. I presume it's much more of an American thing.

We watched Bowling for Columbine and that was shown in it. I think it's all overreacting. A kid could easily hide guns in their backpack if they wished.

i would have enjoyed watching him walk...

Even from that still, I knew they didn't. Guns are illegal over here, so we don't really need to know about them, although I do know a few people who own guns.

Holy shit that guy was fucking strapped.

OT: No, they never made me watch it.


Oh, if we're talking about how we'd go about killing our school, I'd head for the wood shop, get a few things, and go haywire from there. It'd be a glorious mess...

The more I talk online the more I think I need therapy. It always goes back to gore and torture...

The funny thing is, the 30-year-olds probably need considerably less therapy than the current crop of middle and high school students.

But yeah, the wood and auto shops always had a pretty vast assortment of impromptu 'tools', for when an idea had to be transmitted in a more authoritative manner than normal conversation permitted.

I have questions on that video. the kid is not walking in the video. I do believe the shotgun tumor is noticeably on the guy's leg. last time i checked the NRA did not make Remington splints. and ammunition. and he was standing still removing and having it trouble removing the guns. I can see this as a problem if we re spawned in school. i have seen this video before.

All girls Catholic School in Scotland..... they were more concerned we would find out what condoms where never mind what's in a guys pants :O

I never watched it in highschool, but I did see it a while ago on youtube. I fell off my chair when he pulled the shotgun out of his pants. Seriosuly, do they expect a kid to do that? Good luck bending your leg buddy.



It was years ago, and on VHS. xD


Just my luck.

Why did you want to see it, anyways? :)

thank you op for the lulz and i have seen this video before on another thread here but it gets better every-time also they should have shown a picture of the father from boondock saints god he has a custom vest that can hold a lot more firepower

a link to the picture since i have yet to learn how to actually show them here:http://static.reelmovienews.com/images/gallery/il-duce_505x338.jpg

ps also my school is practically located in second admentmentland so there are always people with guns around (rural hunting area) and combined with the fact that 99% of the people at my school have on person at least one butterfly knife or combat knife our school subscribes to the theory of mutual destruction policy

So that's how our avatars in videogames are able to hold so many weapons.

Looks like Halo got it wrong. Master Chief could totally hold 10 magnums, an AR and a shotgun in his suit!

Nope. This is the first time I have ever seen it.

If that kid wasn't just standing at the table, you could totally tell he had several guns on him, especially that three foot long rifle. That video is fucking stupid and the teachers who show it in school are fucking stupid.

My school didn't have a dress code, outside of wearing stuff that had offensive writing on it, and we didn't have a shooting. I fail to see how a video like this prevented anything at all except the usage of one's brain.


What the Fuck!? how the fuck can there be that many guns in one pair of pants?!

By standing still in front of the camera, loading them all up, not worrying about making your backside inconspicuous, and THEN turning the camera on.

They also failed to mention how much easier (and in some ways safer) it would be to hide those guns (sans shotgun) in his backpack.

...'kay then X_x...

I've seen this video, but at a local college.
I laughed so hard when the kid pulled out the Ingram, then the full-size shotgun out of his pants that I was asked to leave class for the remainder of the session.
My argument was that a dress code will not stop a determined individual from bringing a firearm to a school.

No counter-argument was made.

My face when i saw the uzi:

O face Pictures, Images and Photos

And your face didn't do that when he pulled the shotgun from his pants?

OT: I didn't know I could sneak a shotgun in my pants like that. Thanks, 'safety' video!

Our school is so safe, I can announce that I am carrying $300 in cash and no one will do a thing. (I inadvertently tried this, my bank is a 2 minute walk, so at lunch I make deposits, someone noticed the fat wad of cash.)

I need to talk to this kid. I mean, I'm pretty good at concealing weapons, but this kid is the master.

HOLY SHIT. I started to chuckle when the kid pulled out the uzi, but THEN, out comes a fucking SHOTGUN.

OT- No I've never seen this before. But in my school, we saw a movie where this kid asks a janitor at the zoo about whether penis size matters. No joke.

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