How famous are you here? (1-5)
5 - Everybody knows me, I'm a household name, obviously
2.6% (23)
2.6% (23)
4 - I got some groupies, I'm kind of a big deal
2.6% (23)
2.6% (23)
3 - I have a couple memorable posts and a few friends on here
23.8% (211)
23.8% (211)
2 - I only post here once in awhile, and I guess that guy knows me
29.1% (258)
29.1% (258)
1 - I'm about as easy to catch here as a wild abra, I'm elusive and unknown
39.1% (346)
39.1% (346)
This is my first post/poll
0.9% (8)
0.9% (8)
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Poll: How much notoriety do you believe you have in the escapist community?

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i'd say i'm pretty much invisible around here

Even I don't know who I am.

I reckon a few people might recognize my avatar, though...

I would bet I'm a two or a three, I suppose

i'm a 2... or maybe a 1...

I have no idea, really. I think I'm between 1 and 2, or something. I'm too modest to heighten that ranking, unless someone else encourages me to. But seeing that I'm that elusive bastard that I am, I'm sure it won't happen.

Also, I may post a lot (well, relatively. To some of the newer ones, at least! Oh, who am I kidding. I post at a pretty slow rate) and people may like my avatar, but I feel that I haven't really, you know, contributed to the Escapist in almost any way, so I feel kind of...petty.

If someone recognizes me please quote me and say "The darkside of the moon is in my soup."

The eastside of the harpoon is in my cantaloupe.


I would be surprised if more than three people have seen me post before.

If someone recognizes me please quote me and say "The darkside of the moon is in my soup."

I believe Sam Elliot can best answer this.


Thanks Sam Elliot.

You win. And I have no idea how much people notice me. Let's ask.

I made a thread that got banned once ("Most disturbing joke that you know"), and I once pissed a lot of people off with a harsh comment on fat people,but other than that I don't believe I have much notoriety.

I think I have to go with the wild abra thing here.

Number before one.

Most people that knew me long ago stopped posting.

I'm one of those old-school posters who no longer seems to be at all relevant in the forums, and whose notoriety only seems to extend to other old-school posters and the people in IRC. However, I have definitely had some notable posts - most notably beginning with my topic entitled "Space Warfare: Almost Everything You Know Is (Probably) Wrong", the first in a series called "Probing The Inaccuracies". A lot of my reputation stems from this series, as it demonstrated an in-depth and detailed approach which I find disappointingly rare on these forums.

There's another topic of mine which I would consider notable: "Esoteric Operating Systems: The History of OS/360 and its successors". This is one of those topics that would seem to have almost no appeal for the people on these forums, and yet, I managed to get a dozen replies and several thousand views - rather impressive for something that transcends nerdity and goes into ultra-nerd territory.

And finally, I'm an Escapist Contributor. I've had a guest article and two Guest Reviews published, which does contribute to notoriety to some degree. I'd love to be able to get something published in the Weekly Issue, but the chances of that happening fall under two categories: slim and none.

Yet, despite these notable posts, the new audience really don't recognise me at all. Therefore, I must presume that my notoriety score is a 3, with people from the IRC and some of the older members here being among those few people which still acknowledge my existence.

A 2 maybe? o.o

I will give someone a cookie for naming one memorable thing i've done on this forum. (That didn't include me being sleep deprived and brain dead)

Definetly not well jnown, but if you asked around if someone knew me i'd probably get a few yesses :)

Dammit, I want to put down 4, because I don't want to seem like a massive egotist. Again.

But yeah, I suppose I'm pretty well known. 5 it is. Sorry.

There are a couple of people I've talked with enough to recognize/be recognized by.

The games forum is a joyous place.

Im at about number 3

Got a fair few friends here and maybe some memorable posts

A 1/2 I lurk.

Through wanderfreak does know who i am.

*evil laugh*

3 on that scale, I suppose

Although I have a highish post count, my notoriety is probably sweet f all :P

(<_< That's an invitation to prove me wrong guys)

Absolutely none.

This thread seems to be confusing notoriety with popularity.

As for me, I'm not notorious at all, I try to be friendly to everyone unless they're actively being a dick.


Reading through this thread, I think I would've quoted around 10 people who didn't think they would be recognised much. xD

Me? >.> I put a 3, apparently I'm more well known then I think, but it may just be me being humble. ;D

I'm not a celebrity, since I tend to stay in RP Section nowadays >_> but I've made quite a few friends here I think. :3

This thread seems to be confusing notoriety with popularity.

As for me, I'm not notorious at all, I try to be friendly to everyone unless they're actively being a dick.

The OP was kinda confusing, that's why I went with the "popularity" post >_> Also because I'm not very notorious :<

I recognise several people in this thread who seem to be assuming they're total unknowns... I guess I recognise the more interesting avatars, the amusing/interesting posts, and the people who post in all the same threads as me.

As for my notoriety? Dunno. Some people know me, most don't. Some people quote me just to mention my avatar, and that's been happening less lately, so I guess more people have seen me around before?

Hey, remember when The Escapist wasn't a popularity contest? Those were the days.

I am very much a 1. Even after 400 posts, I don't think anyone really cares that I am here.

I mean, how much do you think other users know you? Your level of celebrity here? I see some people get shoutouts when people aren't just posting their opinions and leaving, but obviously there are some familiar faces. Personally, and most obviously, I know that maybe one other person on here would recognize me on a good day with a guide book, but I'm curious what other people think/know/think.

I recognise you, but you have a very memorable avatar.
I'm a 2 I think, maybe bordering on a 3, based on description not numerical value.

I have no idea. Even if I did, I would rather other people just show it by recognizing me or quoting me and explaining why rather then saying it, because to me that seems better. :)

4, bordering on a 5 I'd say. Everybody seems to love you, myself included.

I am known by some as the head of the church the great panda (may he find the forest of everlasting bamboo), by some as the swedish guy who argues on child abuse and by some as the guy who bitches about having few posts.

Most people who know about me know me by my old name, Caboose which I changed for personal reasons.

Edit: I think I'm a 2, possibly a 3. Even though I don't have a lot of posts but a lot of my posts start long discussions

I doubt it, I tend to come and go as I please and comment when it interests me.

Eh, I doubt many people recognise me, though my avatar may be more memorable. Probably somewhere between a 2 and a 3, maybe 2.3

Sup bitches. Notorious Z.E.P. in the house!

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