New Futurama! Sucks!

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Eh they need to reach their comedy stride again
I'm sure it'll get better

Rebirth was brilliant.

The second episode? Leela bones Zapp... with zero hesitation... in front of Fry...

It only took two episodes for them to hit the low point of the entire fucking series. Grats.

Oh look, disappointment and cynicism.

How wonderful.

I liked them

I don't know, they were pretty good. The chamber of understanding is probably even better than the angry dome though.

It's DAMN close sir, damn close.


Yeah I thought that bit with Leela and Zap was weird too, but it was still a funny episode. And the first one was great, so why all the hate?

Oh, and by the way: CENSOR IT! CENSOR IT!

That means that I liked them.

Annoying yes? Reason to hate an entire new series? No. But it's your opinion anyway and i'm giving my opinion on your opinion followed by my own opinion which is I like the new series. I've loved it ever since it's inception and I will continue to like it.

New ones are just as good in my opinion.

Rebirth was brilliant.

The second episode? Leela bones Zapp... with zero hesitation... in front of Fry...

It only took two episodes for them to hit the low point of the entire fucking series. Grats.

rebirth was awesome :D And i loved zapp in the other episode, seen nothing wrong with it haha. agreed that futurama is more story based than random now but hey, some randomness never hurt anyone

I liked it so far. That scene was kinda weird, but over all it was still great. I think you should wait a few more episodes before deciding it sucks.

I thought it was pretty good. I admittedly didn't enjoy t as much as old seasons and such. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed.

I don't know, they were pretty good. The chamber of understanding is probably even better than the angry dome though.

That's exactly what I thought after seeing the episode!

OT: I liked both of the episodes. Granted they same more adult, but I like them. I did find they slipped a little out of character with Leela and Zaap, but its nothing unforgivable.

Meh, it's the second episode on a new, more lenient network. I'll be the loyal fan and give them another shot.

Opinions here! Get your fresh opinions!


Also, it's still good. It doesn't suck just because one episode was weird.

I'm a tad biased here...but that was good, last I checked.

If you're watching Futurama for the romance of Fry and Leela, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!

I thought it was good, but I did think the second one was a bit

The second episode seemed far more coarse, but was kinda funny. The ending was pretty stupid I must admit, given how quickly Leela just went '..Ok' and there wasn't any real reason for her to sleep with Zac from a writing perspective. They could have found a much more funny and logical way to end it.

I can't say it sucks though. It's only two episodes and the first one was pretty good., plus the Chamber of Understanding was hilarious.

The first episode was good. The second one was pretty bad in my opinion. The whole Adam & Eve plot seemed really out of place and uninspired (although that cringing/groaning thing Zapp did when Leela kept calling him out was pretty hilarious).

But at least both episodes weren't bad! We can still have hope for future ones.

Leela absolutely had to have sex with Zap, so why not initiate it and make it as painful as possible? Besides, there was some hesitation, if you look at it.

People are so quick to shout "FAIL!" nowadays...

why dont you watch the entire new season and then criticize it,with only 2 episodes you cant say that it sucks

I'm sure the ending of ep 2 will be explaned in ep 3.
Fry will probably get mad and do something stupid.

I thought they were both decent, definitely better characterization than the movies but still a little misdirected. I still think Futurama is one of the best shows of all time.

I just think the writers are a little rusty and kind of relying on old plots I thought it was decent but just wait until they get in the swing of things and the show will be back to greatness, I liked "rebirth" but I thought Bender is starting to turn into a caricature of himself, The partying felt a little forced since he explained the joke way too many times.

It's on comedy central instead of fox what to you people expect? Of course it's going to be dirtier and it walked the line just fine in both episodes. They were funny and had well standing story lines. As for leela getting it on with zapp, it wasn't the first time and her choice was that or be destroyed, you'd suck a dick too.

I don't see the first 2 episodes as really being Futurama back in its stride. They're just getting a bunch of jokes about the changes Futurama has undergone out of the way. First one was a tongue in cheek look at how they need to get back on the air, on a different channel, and figure out a way to get things back to normal. Second episode was a parody on how the standards for adult content are now a lot lighter, so they can get away with more crazy thing (Those fig leaves were a little on the...small side...don't you think?). So naturally, they had to end with gratuitous, shockingly unnecessary sex.

Personally, I'm just glad to be watching new episodes.

It's hit and miss but that's what I was expecting. The original series was hilarious, and this one has a lot to live up to so I think you've got to give it some leeway. But yeah, the second episode was a bit odd. Also, what was funny at the end of Season 4 was Fry's constant attempts to wow Leela which...obviously isn't needed now.
It's the same with the Simpsons. The new episodes are so iffy - some are good but some are just like...what?

That is true, I mean I LOVE Futurama more then the Simpsons but im not just being prejudice, alot of Simpson comedy is abit random now, and I know its been said but (once more with gusto) its trying to be like Family Guy simply because they cant think up any new ideas, I mean there was a episode where Abe Simpson marries Selma!? But still Futurama has alot more leg space and its my second favourite Western show after Southpark, Benders funny 100% of the time, Leelas soooooo sexy and Zap is without a doubt the best secondary character in any series along with Gai and Kenpachi. The new series not out in England yet but I cant wait, just give it time its only the second episode.

I've yet to see anything amazing, but I still have hope for Futurama. Not every episode can be a classic. I'm still waiting for the characters to travel to different worlds, or have different worlds cause trouble on Earth. So far it's just been earthly antics on earth. Episode 1: robots. Episode 2: Zapp being Zapp. Nothing we haven't really seen before.

Apparently I'm one the only people to like the second episode much more than the first. See, to me, the first felt too fast. They put in so many problems to cope with (Bender is damaged, Leela's in a coma, robo-Leela shows up, tension between Robo-Fry, Leela, and Robo-Leela, and then everything gets fixed in the last 2 minutes. I could really tell that the whole point of the episode was to reset everything for the new season.

I loved the second episode, however. So many good lines, and I wasn't really bothered by Leela and Zap getting it on at the end. It's not like they hadn't already been there.

I thought Rebirth seemed a little "meh", whereas the second episode was far better, aside from the ending. I do agree that the ending sucked, but its the only problem I had with it.

All in all, I'm looking forward to more.

I thought it was really funny. I'm sorry you didn't like it OP.

I could bet you all that they're working on getting things back to a state of "normalcy" as far as the Futurama Universe is concerned. For example, they had everyone cloned and brought back to life in the first episode then had the robot drama thing with the fake Fry/Leela then the thing with Bender having to party or 'splode all the time... They fixed that all and brought it back to a state of "normal" so that they can do more things without apparent consequence. My guess is that they are trying to look for a way to separate Fry and Leela to bring it back to where it was before the movies, but I could be wrong. They may want to keep Freela together in order to make up new story lines.

Regardless, I'm just glad that they had a lot of subtle throwbacks to the past seasons without hitting the uninitiated audience over the head with the content.

Also, Futurama was *always* more story driven than random. For the first few seasons there was the overarching story of Fry always trying to get Leela, not to mention all the other things that went on. The characters are living in a world where their past actions remain there in the present (they are affected by all of the previous decisions) and I suppose that's most notable with the Fry/Leela thing, but I'm blabbing on now.

Give it a month or two before you decry it completely. I loved 'em, and can't wait to watch them with another big group of friends this Thursday!

I enjoyed them quite a lot. But it's only two episodes in, give it some time before you write the whole thing off (as good or bad).

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