Do you believe money cannot buy happiness?

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Money can buy you partway to happiness, but the psyche requires more than just stuff. I know I'd be happier never having to work another day in my life tho, so to a certain extent, definitely. You'd have to routinely keep things in perspective tho, I imagine after a while you could become numb to the luxuries you have, if you let yourself.

I could buy happiness, a big ass fortified fortress with a back up generator and enough gas to power them till I die, and a store of food to last me till I die. I would be ready for anything, and I'd have enough money to buy a game company so I could use all my awesome ideas, and that, would make me happy as hell.

Money definitely can't buy happiness. But I'll agree that it sure as hell can rent it. However, after a while you don't just have to exhaust your outlets, you'll just begin to realize how pathetic your life is.

I really have no wish to have more money. I'll stick to my tiny apartment, bicycle, 3 pieces of furniture, little TV and mactop and spend my useful time fucking around and having fun rather than slaving away to try to pay off my 2000 square foot house or 2nd car thank you very much. I think that's a problem many people in the modern age have. Just because things exist, you need to have it. Plenty of people could instead lead much simpler yet way more fulfilling lives.

But if I had unlimited money, I'd probably spend it on poor African and Indian children. Oh, and I'd buy McDonalds and WalMart, then fire everyone, demolish every single outlet V for Vendetta style, and take the company off the public market.

money doesn't just buy things; it also buys services. Those services tend to make you more happy than "things" and no I'm alluding to anything. >_> <_<

Not having to worry about money will grant you true freedom.
If that isn't happiness, then nothing is.

I believe money gives you the opportunity to seek happiness, without the ability to greatly exceed your needs it's hard in the modern world to find what you seek; with money you have the opportunity to do things with your life and to find what you enjoy, otherwise it's just so much work to meet needs

I think one needs money to reach what htey want in life so... yes. I will never doubt it.

of course money buys happiness. happiness are these like pills that make you very happy.

Yes. I do believe it. My life would be incredibly shallow without my friends and family. If I was rich, I think the relationships would be strained at best. Gone at worst.

Still, one can hope to find a happy medium!

Happiness can't really be bought, but money can buy you a ton of things that will bring happiness...

I bought myself some happiness just yesterday, in the form of a new HDTV. So yes, money can DEFINITELY buy my happiness at least.

Vampire Assassin

Worst movie ever.
Worse than Twilight.

what's that have to do with this thread?
and could i make people fight to the death for a cash price if so then ya i would be happy, that and the fact me and friends are materialistic asshats who would be happy so long as something new keep coming out i could buy, and i would work toward perfecting a jetpack because as a nerd i fuckin* love jetpacks. did i censor that right?

Money buys ice cream, ice cream makes me happy, ergo, money buys happiness.

Honestly though, no. Money cannot buy happiness, because happiness is not on sale, I was upset as well, but it isn't coming back untill Friday... wait, that's not what I meant. What I meant was that money cannot buy happiness because all things material are not eternal, something that is not eternal cannot bring true happiness, which is why electronics or any other substance does not make you happy, it simply creates the illusion of happiness.

Happiness is obtained through living life, and attaining a form of inner peace, and self acceptance. The day money can buy these things is the day money can buy happiness (I used happiness a lot in this reply).

Well since happiness is not a tangible or physical product which is sold, money cannot buy that. However, money can buy many things that can make me happy. In that respect, a lot of money would surely make me very happy.

Like Daniel Tosh sai-

Like Danial Tosh said if money can't buy you happness then atleast you're rich enough to make everyone else around you unhappy. And thats how the activision bussiness plan was born.

Damn it! Ninjas...

Well, I was going to post this too:

Maybe money can't buy true happiness, but poverty isn't any better at it. By a long shot. You need money to buy food, shelter, and water; if you don't have those things you're probably not very happy (unless you're constantly on drugs, which also cost money.) I do think there is a reasonable amount of money a person can have wherein having significantly more wouldn't make them significantly happier, but the fact still stands that you need some basic necessities.

Law of Diminishing Returns? Or am I off?

It can buy wave runners, hookers and any movie you want. If those things don;t make you happy, then you're just being difficult

It would buy some happiness for me, that's for damn sure. Money can't buy happiness but it can buy all the stuff that brings me happiness, that is to say a stable future and no need to work unless it's something I really want to do (volunteer work, open a restaurant, something like that).

I quote/paraphrase Daniel Tosh when I say this:
"I think the phrase 'money can't buy happiness' should end in '...just kidding.' Have you ever seen someone frown while riding a wave runner? Have you? HAVE YOU??? No seriously... Have you..?"

EDIT: I knew people would get to this joke before me... >_>
Oh well, it's still funny.

Money wouldn't achieve me happiness. But I would have a side effect of happiness because I'm out doing things I wanted to do instead of working most the time to get money to live.

money doesn't buy happiness it just allows you more opportunities for it most of the time.

based on the commutative property of currency exchange, and the established fact that happiness cannot in turn be sold for money, no, I do not believe that money can buy happiness. It can, however, buy a yacht.

Money can but drugs that induce happiness so... almost.

Money can not buy happiness. It can buy items that come bundled with happiness, though.

Happiness is easier to find when you don't have to worry about money

Money cannot buy you happiness. However, it CAN buy things that make you happy. It just takes a bit of creative thinking to do it. For example, funding a team of engineers that are trying to build FLAMETHROWER GLOVES so that you can simulate pyrokinesis would, eventually pay off, beause you could then buy a pair and play with FIRE! AHAHAHA!

Maybe that's too distructive... Funding AI research. That'd be cool. Or just buying costumes, if you like dressing up. Or buying things that allow you to have your privacy if you're like me and don't like other people. The possibilities are endless! You could go on a cruise around the world, impress your significant other with a big diamond on a platinum chain, take collecting to a whole new level with 3 dedicated rooms for stamps, bottle caps or what have you, take up fencing or just donate it! It's not the money, it's what you do with it, for you or others, that makes you happy.

Not directly, but indirectly, yes.

So yes.

It will make you happy until you become bored. But money can't buy you love.

Yeah, money can buy happiness. Different kind of happiness from the "finding true love" or "having really close awesome friends" kind of happiness, but I can't lie, I'd be damned happy if I could buy an OLED TV, full home theater surround sound system, kickass computer, new 360 + all the cool games, etc etc. So yeah, money can definitely buy happiness. People who say otherwise don't know what kind of really cool stuff you can buy. Or are thinking "lifelong happiness from a single thing" because I'm pretty sure there'll always be something out there for you to buy that can keep you happy.

Money can buy certain exotic ladies... that can definitely make someone happy.

Not for me.

OT: There is one thing money cannot buy, and that is emotions. Specially when someone is a misanthrope with autism and alexithymia.

Yes. Because without money, you wouldn't have a warm home to live in and end up on the streets, and probably drink yourself to death. It depends on what makes you happy. Some people would surround themselves with many, many materialistic things. Like materials. Others would simply buy a decent house, not tell anyone they had an unlimited supply of money and live somewhat normally.

People always say money can't buy you happiness, but neither does starving on a dirt floor.

I agree money can't buy happiness, but having unlimited money would fade away my financial worries and give me time to do the things that truly would make me happy. More importantly though it would also give me time to hang out with my friends and find that girl that would make my life complete.

Oh and so my relationships wouldn't be strained, I'd hesitate to tell people of my economical success until I KNEW they truly liked me for who I am and not my wealth.

Depends on your subjective requirement for happiness, what you value and what you currently have really.

"Really? Money can't buy happiness? Cause it can buy a Waverunner, ever see anyone frown on one of those?" - Daniel Tosh

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