Why or Why Not is Your Opinion Important?

It's no secret, people usually value their own opinion more so that others. A person can judge hundreds of people on their opinions in such a short time span, but leave discovering themselves as a much greater adventure. Others can call you things and decide who you are even though you know you are much deeper.

Or maybe you value others intuition above yours?

Perhaps you trust in others judgment for fear you are not correct? Fearing that your beliefs might be misguided, leading to the disapproval of those you should have agreed with? A follower that is not ashamed to trust in others judgments over your own.

So which are you? Do you hold your judgments above others, or do you let other opinions outshine yours?

Nobody's opinion is more important than the others unless that person is more informed on a topic than the rest. And I mean super informed, like they have to know a lot about something to actually be considered important.

I generally trust my own opinion, but I can't really assume it's better than anyone else's. I'm far from the smartest person in the world, so obviously there's a lot of people who'll have a more thought out opinion than I. But I won't let another's opinion rule over mine.

Because it's just my opinion.

I don't force my opinion on other people because I don't want them doing the same to me.

My opinion works for me and on occasion, for people who are kinda like me, but it's just an opinion. Like everyone else.

I prefer my own opinion. I see that everyone else's opinion isn't very good, so I like my own.

I prefer to make up my own mind but I have no problems taking advice from people on... most issues

as for a reason why I like to make my own judgments... well, it's my life, it's my impression, and I like to consider myself an expert in me, I mean, I've been involved in an intense 21 year study with no breaks, I'd better have learned something by now.

Considering I usually put a lot more thought into my own judgements, opinions and decisions than other people do, I definitely trust myself more. My own opinion really is the only one that matters, as it's the only one that really affects my life to a large degree.

The second one if I'm absolutely not sure/on the fence and just need someone with a different perspective...
Though I'll probably still go for mine XD

In a survival kind of mindset, your opinion is the most important. If someone else's was more important than yours, your Fight or Flight response would be less 'saving your ass' and more 'filling out a permission slip'.

Because I'm me, nobody ever fucking listens to me, so I guess my opinion is not important.

I am a very self centered person. My opinion is always better because it is my opinion. If you and I said the same thing, my option will still be better. I take others opinions into consideration, but I still know my opinion is downright correct.

Thing is I'm smarter than most people I know, so listening to their opinions over my own would be a disadvantage.

If your smart enough to have a well placed critical thought in your mind at all and I mean with actual logic, then it matters.

I'm learning that like a lot of other game sites out there, I so much as dissent even a little from the popular opinion here I will be flamed faster than a Whopper during the lunch rush. I guess this means that having a mind of my own is awful, unless it happens to agree with everyone else. So my opinion is only valuable as long as it's not the wrong opinion? Color me confused.

The Geek Lord:
Because I'm me, nobody ever fucking listens to me, so I guess my opinion is not important.

My momentary disillusionment aside, I don't think it's your opinion, but your input that people aren't listening to. I understand the feeling, and have grown to appreciate other people's need to learn for themselves, often the hard way. C'est la vie.

My opinion is important because I represent a minority. My opinion is un-important for the same reason.

In my opinion, my opinion matters. You may or may not agree. That's entirely your opinion.

I'm an insignificant spec who's opinion holds no bearing over others...

Nope our opinions are all silly and equal

If your own opinion is not important then you just wasted valuable brain cells coming up with that useless opinion. You should probably stop having opinions from then on.

Opinions can be well informed or ill informed for one. And yes, I do take the opinion of an expert in a field with more weight than I do someone who's not as well versed in said field.

Also, general life experience factors in as well. Finally, if someone can really show me that there is some depth to their personal opinion, that helps. For instance, you say you don't believe gay people should be allowed to marry. Okay, why? Because you think gay people are gross? Alright, I'm no longer taking you nor your opinion seriously. If you can back it up with what looks like a logical argument (I rarely see one coming from that side of the argument but that's another matter entirely), then while I may not particularly agree with you, I'll respect that opinion.

Not all opinions are created equally.

I love my own opinion, because I love arguing about it so much 95% of my interaction with my friends is some form of debate

Why I value my opinion more than others.
Because all my childhood and school life I been around people who don't really have clue what they are saying.

And in my current school, I am the only one who is Pro-Nuclear power and against many "green values", so I have read lot of material and studied Pro and Cons of the "green values" and Pro and cons of the ones I support.

The value I place upon an opinion is based almost entirely upon my perception of how well informed said opinion is. As an example, when I was determining which University I would transfer to, I sought an opinion from enough people that eventually people offered their opinion without my asking. In this case, I valued the opinion offered by people who may one day hire me, people who had attended the university in question, and people who simply had more life experience over that of my peers.

In matters where perspective is the only defining factor (such as if a particular piece of media is "good"), I value my own opinion more than those of others.

My opinion is more important than anyone else's!

Of course, that's just my opinion which is no more important than anyone else's.

Why not isn't your opinion validate? My opinions very good compare with others


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