What super powers would you want (maximum 4)

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Telekinesis, Chronomancy (time control), the ability to absorb others powers, and the ability to alter reality.

I want shape shifting. If I wanna fly, I turn into a bird. Or grow wings. plus, I could make myself into Sephiroth XD

I'd probably just settle for the good old Telekinesis and Telepathy combo, with those anything is possible given enough practice and finesse.

There's a great run of Cable/Soldier X by Tischman where the titular hero uses them to fly, amplify his strength and even create an artificial healing factor.

Uncanny Luck. With this I might not need the others.
Uncanny Agility. To help get to places
Time Control. I don't age in the stop and I can't screw up and die or whatever it just resets.
Telekinesis. Always useful

Omnipotence. Someone else can have my other three.

Omnipotence. Someone else can have my other three.

Oooh ooh I'll take ability to negate other peoples' omnipotence. Times three.

Full control over The Power Cosmic
Black Light Virus (PROTOTYPE)
Make my powers un-mimicable

Being able to shape reality to my will. You don't need anything else. Don't want to age? Done. What a fire? Create one out of nothing. Want to know other people's thoughts? Make it so that they broadcast it to you. Want to know the future? Travel forward in time, see what's going on, then travel back. Its essentially a catch all power.

But for those of you who think I'm a game-breaker, then I post other ones:
1. Shapeshifting
2. Rapid Regeneration
3. Telepathy
4. Telekinesis

Obviously I'd need the mass to shapeshift or regenerate properly, but that just means that I would need to eat alot. And I've always wanted mind powers.

Self Healing factor
Unbreakable bones
Super agility

I'd go totally kung-fu on peoples asses.

Immortality, flight, invisibility, telekinesis
I'd be totally fine with living for eternity in I was an invisible flying telekinetic

Telepathic empathy
Ability to heal others

Just one, The power to give orgasms on Command.


Read number four on the list.

- Ability to move objects with my mind
- Invisibility
- Ability to stop / slow down time. (And move on normal speed while the time is slowed down)
- Flying

What's the point in being invisible if you can control time?

OT: Control time. Super strength. Pyrokinesis. Telekinesis.

1. Ability to produce electricity
2. Bug wings
3. Lightning (electricity pun) reflexes
4. Tough skin

yeah nothing really too overpowered there...

1. Control Time
2. Invisibility
3. Reading minds, with a toggle button on when I don't want to receive thoughts.
4. Telekinesis

Ya, I'm not very original, but I don't think it's too overpowered.

Time travel and extra super long life = win. Go back in time, invest in Apple. Profit. Live a luxurious life... and occasionally go see some epic events in history.

Would help if you could also be invisible and fly, or maybe just have all the Superman powers.

Telekinesis would definitely be a win tho.

3.the abilty to manipulate time
4.the ability to pass through solid objects

Superhuman Intelligence
Control of Elctro-magnetism (Combine the first two and you get a whole host of other nifty powers like flight, invisibility, intangibility, force lightning etc)
Time Control seems like a good final choice

Shoot lightning from hands

insane amount of lulz can be had from this combo of powers.

- Cryokinesis
- Creative Thinking

That's it. That's all I need.

Time Travel
Universal Debug Mode

Time to reprogram the Universe!

Though if pressed for specifics/"fair superpowers"...

Telekinesis (vs other objects)
Time Manipulation
Flight (via wings for more fun. Hovering ala Superman sounds so boring, though efficient)
Dragon Form (if you haven't caught onto my schtick yet anyway)

Paint anything any colour and make it look accurate (e.g. paint air to look like a chair and watch people fall through it and paint walls to look like a street etc.)
Super Strength
Longer Life

knight of some random number:
I can only think of one power that I would like to have.

That is, the ability to turn your imagination into a reality, think of the possibilities.

...I think you won.
That is the most epic power I've ever heard.
Although my imagination could hurt the people I love so maybe instead:
The ability to transport to an alternate (clone) reality where I can turn my imagination into a reality, where if I died I could bring myself back into the normal world.
Also my other three would be:
and the ability to turn back time with complete knowledge of what happened

1) the tranquility of buddah
2) being totally awesome... no wait, I think I have that super power already.
3) immunity to all super powers, excluding 1), 2), 3) and 4)
4) 1), 2), 3) and 4) for all of my friends/family.

Maximum of four? Woah, usually you have to chose just one. Ok, I want the ability to instantly spawn sandwiches because I love eating them but hate preparing them. Next I want to rock. Yes, that's totally a super power; because right now I don't have the capacity to rock, and I'd quite like to. Thirdly I want the power to convince anybody in the world that what I say is correct. That ought to sort out the majority of the worlds problems. Lastly I want to fly. Just because.

Invincibility and immortality would be my first two for obvious reasons.

Second, Shape shifting so I can become anyone or anything I want to be in seconds oh the fun I could have.

Fourth, Telekinesis would be awesome, totally over the top as well so I could like pull down buildings as if it were nothing.

I like that this thread is entirely based on a premise that ensures nobody looks like a jerk for not reading the whole thread. Yet, people will still want to post. A rather rare combination.

1) An infinite mental storage capacity with a variable processing rate that can reach instantaneous speed and is immune to all temporal paradoxes, schizoid personality conditions or any external modification aside from my own actions as long as they are not being forced by another being (including mind control, drug-induced hallucinations, endangerment of friends and family, etc.)

Seriously, we're going to have a whole bunch of senile, decrepit flying bricks if nobody else picks this power. Not to mention that without the fast processing you're still going to get retarded as the years press on unless you start clearing out pantloads of information.

2) Instantaneous voluntary physical recombination through time and space with no limits on mass, volume or contiguity, again immune to all external modifications from other beings or actions I undertake as forced by another being or via temporal paradoxes, all unified and controlled by my consciousness. Includes a fun, handy dandy alarm clock that gets set off under the condition that I'm frozen in time (if I'm just slow I can still start that sucker up; after all, my mind can move infinitely fast), somehow knocked unconscious, entirely physically annihilated or fail to voluntarily assert to it after two weeks that I don't want to get beamed up, which instantaneously teleports me into a handy dandy complete self-contained and impenetrable-except-via-the-use-of-my-powers-because-I-made-it-and-can-unmake-it biodome in a random location in intergalactic space after the big bang and before the destruction of the universe, my own body physically re-configured to the specifications of myself, as a conscious human with access to all my mental faculties, in a human-supporting environment in said biodome.

I hate to say it but this is basically doc Manhattan's power, except through time too. Why would I want this power? Um...trapped in a star somehow/evil supervillain magically figures out a weakness and disassembles me because they suck, etc. End of the universe as we know it and I get caught with my pants down. Black hole. Aging. Not having six arms whenever I want to simultaneously play three pianos. Getting Jesus to build me a bookcase. Why every couple weeks? Um...supervillains are a-holes. My very existence would probably piss somebody off so bad they would want to kill me, annihilate me or whatever the verb for making me never have existed would be. So what if I get destroyed at that point, just when my one true foe has me on the ropes, or I somehow get incinerated and scattered to the four winds? I just come back instantaneously or at worst within two weeks somewhere else in time and space, re-form the night my supervillan foe was conceived and taze said foe's dad in the balls.

3) Immunity to reverse-engineering, duplication, or any other process by which another person could gain my powers or figure out how to gain my powers.

Seriously. Aint nobody dope as me.

4) Ability to remove the powers of anyone else, super powers or otherwise, without my powers being removable by any other being.

No supe for you! *rimshot*

Chairman Miaow:

- Ability to move objects with my mind
- Invisibility
- Ability to stop / slow down time. (And move on normal speed while the time is slowed down)
- Flying

What's the point in being invisible if you can control time?

OT: Control time. Super strength. Pyrokinesis. Telekinesis.

Pranks :P

Telekinesis (as has been mentioned most anything can be done with that)
Super Regeneration (Clair Bennet/Wolverine style)
Invulnerability (preferably with a relatively high lower threshold--as in I can still still be cut/scraped/minorly burned, but I can't be impaled/crushed/incinerated)

Telepathy, teleportation, something that works like the phys gun from Garry's Mod, and the infinite power of METALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Can turn any part of my body into scarabs
2. Speak to animals
3. Bring anything Inanimate to life
4. I dunno... Portal Gun for hand maybe?

1. Heightened reflexes
2. Expert swordsmanship
3. Super agility
4. Control dark energy

But all tucked away somewhere like a mask so I can be a normal person when I want.

i could be lazy and say infallabillity
but in a more fun way i'de say
devil trigger
and the ability to learn stupidly quickly

1) Don't require sleep
2) Time manipulation
3) Rapid Regeneration
4) Telekinesis

1 Shape shifting

2 Super Strength

3 Telekenis

4 Time Control

OK mine top 3 powers (four is just overkill)

1)the ability to move through anything... ANYTHING (even other peoples powers)XD.
2)--->Pyrokinesis<--- (that hot stuff thats in fire)
3)invisibility. (________).

PS to all people who picked Rapid Immortality/Rapid Regeneration or the stealing of others powers... BORING.

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