Topical Tuesday: In-Game Death

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In tribes 2, when the ennemy team had us pinned down in our base with constant air raids with a pair of bombers, plus tank support. It was so well done and effective it was just beautifull.

Mine was also in Call of Duty. I was crouched behind a wall, shooting at an incoming enemy. He ran right up by me, jumped out of my way before I got a clear shot, and ran around to the other side of the wall. Then I died.

It wasn't until I saw his kill cam that I realized that he'd planted C4 under my scope and detonated it as soon as I turned around. I had to stop and congratulate him for that.

Fallout 3 is filled with tones of ways to die!

A Fat-Man to the face will do that to a character!

Couple that with the following event of; hurtling through the air like an angel and you get a hell of a death.

My second playthrough of Mass Effect.

I'm on my way to pick up my sexy blue teammate in my makes-the-warthog-seem-like-a-Honda Mako. I round a corner to see a stomping Geth Collosus blocking the way to the tunnel ramp. So I do the civilised thing and drive full speed in an attempt to kneecap the cute robot (seriously, if they were the size of cats they'd make great pets).

I manage to fling the thing off its feet, but in the process also topple myself over the ramp and end up stuck down the side and upside down.

The (presumably upset) Colossus then gets up, rounds on me and proceeds to slowly blow me to hell while my Mako's wheels spin helplessly in a comical, turtle-like fashion.

I think it was in the first Resistance game on the PS3, I ran into a small room from one side, and an enemy ran in from the other. At this exact moment a hedgehog grenade landed directly between the two of us, thrown by someone else.

We didn't even shoot at eachother. We both just stood there watching the hedgehog rise up and explode into needles, taking us both out.

MGO was also good for funny deaths when playing TSNE, especially when only one sneaking guy was left against a whole team of mercs. I managed to oil drum roll 3 people at once, which was really badass until a fourth guy casually strolled around the corner and knifed me.

In bad company 1, a rocket hit my chopper. With the little control I had left, I pushed my chopper in the general direction of the rocket firer and (with a lot of luck) landed it on his head. Then blew up and died.

ahh, the many epic deaths I have had over the years...

those call of duty moments where you walk round the corner only to see 4 enemies, spray horribly, and then die failing to kill anyone.

Or Left 4 Dead, when you are making a dash to the safe house to win the level but then get a surprise tank around the corner, which then slaps you of a cliff.

Fallout 3, firing the MIRV directly up in the air, thinking it would land in the distance, only for it to land on your face, sending you flying to infinity and beyond.

And those HOLY CRAP A BEAR!! moments on Red Dead Redemption which leave you stunned for a good couple of minutes.

good times... good times :)

BLU Spire, gravelpit, RED soldier V BLU demoman (Im the soldier)

We kept nibbling at each others health with splash damage, then he and I at the same time, launch each other into the air.

He smacks straight into me and I instinctively fired a rocket at him, he explodes into giblets, and I almost fall to my death, but a medic arrives in the nick of time.

The demoman raaaaaaaaged

On Isla Innocentes, BC2, I jumped out of a Blackhawk, and immediately got hit by the Hellfire missile a UAV called in on the chopper, which had dodged.

Kingdom Hearts 368/2 Days:

I'm in Halloween Town, and am standing on a rock on the ground when suddenly an enemy hits me. Roxas recoils a bit, and falls THROUGH THE ROCK and then THROUGH THE GROUND. Suddenly I'm in an empty black void for a few moments, try to run around a bit, and am instantly killed by some mysterious force.

Awesome death.

Most Epic Death: I was play Team DM on RF:G and I was kicking some major ass on a roof on Crash Site. Well I was getting cocky and pissed my teammates off, who then shortly stopped backing me up. Almost the entire Enemy team made it to my spot and started dismantling the building below me, and as it came crashing down I detonated my pre-placed remote charges, thus killing myself and 3 of the enemy.

Most Epic Kill: I've made my own personal tag on TF2 that is in the shape of those yellow and black warning signs and it reads "WARNING: If you can read this then it's too late...look behind you." I'll often place it just past a doorway that I have remote-mined or I'll stealth and wait. Well this particular instance was the former scenario and I waited in a little hidey-hole for some unfortunate sap to stop and read it. A pyro came by, read it, turned around, and saw my little "surprise". He Started Running and I blew him to kingdom come.

GTA 4. Just getting used to the controls when the car steered into a tree. Niko's gone flying out the windshield, while I'm thinking "Oh, he'll be right." He flew over the cliff on the side of the road, and looked clear to landing in the water.

Out of nowhere, a rock popped up and damn near took his head off, sending Niko into a ragdoll spin, and myself into hysterical laughter. In real life, the head would have probably separated and gone the opposite direction.

This one's probably happened to a lot of people but it was really really funny when it happened, in Resi 5, during the penultimate fight with wesker. My friend shot a rocket at Wesker as I was distracting him, unfortunately Wesker still Neo dodged the fucker and it flew straight in my face. While me and my friend sat there in stunned silence Wesker shot me and I died.

Or in CoD 4, I had just ducked behind a wall after taking a few shots, the screen was full of red and the heartbeat was deafening. I stood up to peak over the wall and got hit right in the face with a grenade. I died before it could blow up.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

There's this one gun runner quest near the end of that chain where you get chased by a bunch of guys on faggio mopeds.

I got pinned on top of a roof by them and started picking them off as they rode up, which created a nice pile of moped in the street, I decided to stay on top of the building and pick them off as they respawned and chased me down. Evnetually the street was piled with mopeds. I waited till they respawned and came back, then I walked to the edge of the building, tossed a molotov and set the whole thing on fire. The mopeds quickly exploded in a gigantic fireball as big as half a block, fireballs, smoke, and flying charred and flaming mopeds whipping through the air every place.

It was awesome, and then one of the moped slammed me dead center and killed me.
Then it was more awesome.

in kane and lynch 2, we were playing fragile alliance.
when you die, you come back as a cop to try to stop the heist from being successful.
i got killed by some nonsensical bullshit, so i came back as a cop.
i snuck around, turned more than half the remaining players into cops, and then got caught in an absurd CQB firefight in which i made a last ditch effort to kill the last man by throwing a propane tank at him. he shot it in the air, and we both died.

You do realize there is some kind of auto lock on thing when you throw one of those right? the number of times i`ve killed someone because they threw a propane tank in the middle of a firefight is ridiculous.As for mine it`d have to be Kane and lynch 2 as well another PC killed me by hitting me in the face with a gas tank ,he didn`t shoot it , just threw it , oddest insta kill i`ve seen in a while

Spoiler the end of Force Unleashed
I can't recall any in-game death that I think was my best: I'm usually not too pleased when it happens. My most embarrassing was in Draken: Order of the Flame. My own dam dragon was turning around and he hit me with his tail. I flew all the way across the valley and literally splattered across the cliff face.

Freespace 2 - Was (stupidly) flying between two cap-ships firing upon each other with the big green lasers, saw a weak fighter and shot 4 Hornets at it. Hear the charging of a BFG from one of the cap-ships and afterburner forward to avoid it, nearly run into the fighter from earlier, and my 4 Hornets rocket me up the behind and kill me.
Simultaneously facepalming and awesome.

mine was GTA4

flew a helicopter out to sea then jumped out while turning and hit the propellers launching me back to land where my corpse hit a tree

Playing Left 4 Dead, I got punted off the radio room's roof by a Tank on No Mercy 5. Landed on a generator, and slid off of said generator like I was greased with butter. This caused me to fall 27 stories to my death.

RDR, i was just chilling, checking out the area around Fort Mercer, it was pretty peaceful. All of a sudden, a cougar leaps out of nowhere, knocks me down, and begins to circle around me. I pulled out my double barrel and unloaded both rounds in its face. I proceeded to skin said beast. I felt pretty good, because that was my first encounter with the big bad kitty. My celebrating was short lived. Another cougar pounces, knocking me down yet again. I attempted to get back up, but a wolf pops out of thin air, and finishes me off. My jaw just dropped. I was utterly confused because i thought cats and dogs generally hated each other. I guess that they both hated John Marston enough to work together.

Epic Death: Considering I don't play much this is the best one I have. It's one situation in League of Legends where you find a half health player alone in the woods. Naturally you try to steal this chance and kill him, only to find that the other four enemy champions were on their way/hiding in a nearby bush. The result is a complete and total instanuke.

Epic Kill: Far better than my epic death. I was playing CoD2 (No, not MW2, just CoD2.) and I'm playing on Carentan. I run up to a window and toss a grenade in. God Almighty, I just got 8 kills with one grenade. Apparently the enemy team was spawning there and they were all camping inside that house. After a few seconds I die, and respawn. I figure what the hell, and go throw a nade in the same exact spot as before.

Bang. 8 more kills. Boo-fuckin'-Yah. 16 kills with two grenades in less than thirty seconds.

Best. Game. Ever.

I was playing Unreal Tournament years ago, and it was the first time I had ever played online. I ran around to look for people to kill, but before I could spot them they'd jump out of some rafters and place six rockets perfectly at my feet. That happened for the whole match until I realized that I was the only one running around, and they were all just camping in wait.

The first time I got a care package in MW2 I stood in the red smoke. That was dumb too.

Don't know about best, but this one just came to mind when I saw the topic.

I'm playing Halo 3:ODST on Legendary, and I was just thinking about how different it was playing as the ODST Rookie, as opposed to the Master Chief in Halo 1-3 who, let's face it, was an 8 foot tall cyborg, this guy was less a man, and more a monster truck who just happened to walk like a man. This was a pretty powerful dude.

The Rookie on the other hand you spend most of his levels, completely alone, with not a whole lot of firepower, and esp on legendary, just trying not to die.

So I did a ton of sneaking around, and I got my hands on a Mongoose ATV. Thought maybe that could give me a bit of an edge with the Brutes the next time I had one I didn't want to fight straight up. So I get cornered, line it up, and go head on one with one. Likely if it had been ANY other difficulty, I'd have pancaked the bastard, I mean I had him dead to rights.

But, this was on Legendary.

So the Brute ran THROUGH me and the Mongoose, and I wound up with my spine wrapped around a very inconveniently placed lamppost.

Never even saw which way was up before he came back around and killed me for good.

Brutal and borderline painful to watch? Absolutely.

And it was awesome.

Team Fortress 2. I was playing as a BLU Soldier in the map "Egypt" and we just lost. Luckily I was holding an Equalizer at the time, which enabled the holder to blow himself up with grenades. I decided to do that rather than let the other team humiliate me and killing me. Just as I was about to blow myself up, a Demoman ran up to me.

KA-BOOM to both of us.

My greatest multiplayer moment came with Alien versus Predator 2 (PC).

I was playing as a Predator, and I kinda was in the Zone. The other 5-6 players at that match were pissed off at me and decided to go all marine and started hunting me.
It was incredible. I kept prowling around them with my cloak on, and taking them with well placed grenades, homing-disks and spear guns and inmmediatly vanish from their sight. I was truly reliving the Predator movie myself.
Oh, they killed me alright but my frag count was WAY higher because I was the only opponent they had :P and they always went together so that mean dying once for every 10 times I killed someone . So each of my deaths felt epic. You know, just like in the movie.

Way back in 2001, me and my cousin were pulling an all-nighter playing co-op Halo. We were playing on the library level, and we were coming across the flood carriers (for those not in the know, they're big fat enemies that explode). Now an interesting glitch in the game caused the carriers to be effectively immortal. Once they got enough damage they'd just fall over and explode, but otherwise they won't die until they hit the ground and pop. Well my cousin fired a rocket at a group of them, and the explosion sent them flying.

Now the sight of 500 pound blobs flying is amusing enough. But what really made this memorable was what happened later. One of them went flying right into me. I couldn't back away because I was in a corner at the time. So the thing explodes right in my face. Now normally all that would do is just take your shields down. But I happened to be standing on a weapon cache. The explosion cooked off a handful of grenades, and the grenades cooked off the 8 grenades I dropped upon dying. Thanks to a pre-Havok physics engine, the resultant explosion sent my body flying down the hall at Mach 3. It happened so fast and so unexpectedly that we couldn't help but bust out laughing. I was literally in tears.

About 3 minutes after re-spawning we found my battered corpse hanging from some architecture on the ceiling. Cue even more riotous laughter. That was about 10 years ago, and it's still one of the most hysterical things I've ever had happen in a game.

I've died a lot of weird ways in many games over the years, but that one takes the cake. I only wish Bungie had recordable replays back then.

I have another halo death. I was playing co-op with my friend on two betrayals and at this point we both had banshees. I was speeding towards the next point in the level which involves going through a tunnel with some flood, one of which has a rocket launcher. He told me not to go in because of the rocket flood, but I ignored him, turned the corner and bam! rocket to the face as if he had already fired before I turned the corner. So my friend strarts to fly up this plateau so I can spawn and grab another banshee. Literally a meter before he reachs the top of the plateau, his banshee scraps the cliff face, I spawn on his banshee and for no reason he is kicked out and we both fell to our death. 5 seconds later the banshee hits our corpses all three prongs sticking straight into the ground and our squishy corpses. We laughed for several minutes afterwords.

Dark Void. Don't engage flight mode in an enclosed space, however much you think you can make it.

Mine was a Team Fortress 2 demise... and it was an epic moment for the enemy in question. I was playing as a Heavy, and had just been Kritz'd. I waltzed out, spraying death into the enemy - and then I saw an enemy Spy coming at me from the side, so I turned to obliterate him. He jumped Over my stream of bullets, landing on a tiny boulder on the floor - JUST high enough to let him leap Onto my head and head-stab me, killing me in one shot.

Treacherous rogue.

Quite a few from MW2 alone.

Karachi - My target runs in front of me I open up with my supressed pp2000, weakening him, he turns a corner, I follow just in time for him to see a randomly thrown semtex stick to my face and explode.

Crash - Guy brushes into me doesn't even notice, I lunge with my knife but come up short, he still doesn't notice, guys an idiot (apparently), he runs into a building I lunge with my knife only to be killed by his claymore.

Many of you have probably had a moment like that in a multiplayer game - no matter what the genre - where the enemy so fantastically kicked your ass that you just had to pause, put down the controller, and say "Wow." We want to hear about those moments.

Several things. First of all I can't put down a controller I'm not holding :p. Secondly, I avoid online play specifically for this very reason. It isn't fun to get pwned like that, and I sure as hell don't play for anything else, so I simply don't play online. Lastly, I'm just going to shout "GET A LIFE YOU LOSER!" to anyone to does that kind of stuff, because it's pretty obvious to me if they have the time it takes to get that good at a video game they have no life.

Two moments for me, 1 MP, 1 SP.

For SP it happened yesterday I was playing Crysis warhead and came out of a cave where a alien mecha picks up and APC and throws it at you, I narrowly dodge and then for some reason I get hit with a random rocket (still no idea where it came from). Anyway, I re-spawn and decide to hide in the cave just to easily dodge the flying APC. Sure enough it gets thrown at the cave and bounces odd the low entrance, HOWEVER it then bangs into a pile of ammo crates and sends one bouncing into the cave, and *smack* right between the eyes.

MP was in Bad company 2, it was more a series of deaths. One sniper had managed to get close to our base and was hiding in a crater (with nearby smoke semi-obscuring it. Atacama -Rush btw) and by himself he managed to hold off our WHOLE team for more than 10 minutes. Amazingly none of our vehicles bothered with him, they just went off and got slaughter because they had no backup. But this sniper had a perfect view of our bumbling infantry as we crested the ridge of our base, taking us down one by one.
Then I Carl-Gustav'd the bastard.

Anytime in L4D or L4D2's Versus when the enemy gets us all at once. Just knowing that the people on the other end are actually talking to each other and thinking about how to take us down is just, good.

However, for specific moments. It would have to be in any GMod TTT game. Basiclly, some player become traitors and have to kill the normal people without them finding out. BUt if the traitors convince you that everyone is still alive. (You need to search the bodies to add them ot the list of dead people) It can be a great moment when you get backstabbed because the 3 people you thought were ok were all actually traitors.

Anyone here ever played Nethack? It's hard to top Nethack for crazy deaths.

There's even a song about it!

Skippy sank in lava, Corwin turned to slime,
They could both see what was coming but they couldn't pray in time.
Pinky fought a soldier ant that crawled out of his backpack
They were all in love with dyin', they were doing it in NetHack.
Bertha swung Mjollnir like a Valkyrie in the rain
Then she lost her mind in Sokoban; a flayer ate her brain.
They were all in love with dyin', usin' every keyboard function,
As they tried to find the Amulet, somewhere in the dungeon.

I don't mind the text sometimes, the images it shows.
Running from the Ds and Ls, and killing all the Os.
Faded prints and subtle hints and fortune cookie lies.
You never ID all your stuff, until your @ sign dies.

In NetHack, you play an @ symbol in a randomly-generated dungeon, fighting every vicious letter of the alphabet, upper AND lower case. And several very nasty punctuation marks.

Some will die in hot pursuit, fleeing from a shop,
Some will eat a rubber hose, wielded by a Kop.
Some will stand there paralyzed,
Some will go down punchin'
As they try to find the Amulet, somewhere in the dungeon.

I don't mind the text sometimes, the images it shows.
Running from the Ds and Ls, and killing all the Os.
Faded prints and subtle hints and fortune cookie lies.
You never ID all your stuff, until your @ sign dies.

I've played since the eighties! I've seen more dungeons than Torquemada! I've killed more explorers than malaria! I've kicked in more doors than the LAPD and I've opened more chests than a M*A*S*H unit! Crom help me, I have ascended a Tourist.

Arthur tamed a jabberwock but died when it went feral.
Zack wielded a cockatrice, he fell down in a stairwell.
Theseus was butchered when he misspelled 'Elbereth,'
Carmen ate Medusa, yet another stupid death.
Chauncey fought the Oracle, he knew that it was chancey,
Cause you ASCII stupid question and you'll get a stupid ANSI.
They were all in love with dyin', they were perilously plungin'
As they tried to find the Amulet, somewhere in the dungeon.

I don't mind the text sometimes, the images it shows.
Running from the Ds and Ls, and killing all the Os.
Faded prints and subtle hints and fortune cookie lies.
You never ID all your stuff, until your @ sign dies.

You eat the fortune cookie.
There is a scrap of paper inside.
It says, "You will choke to death on a fortune cookie."
Identify your possessions? Y/N

Best for me in recent memory would have to be a moment in Battlefield Bad Company 2, playing rush on... some map, I am terrible with names. A jungle map.

After dying on the enemy defenses once again, me and my squad mates (a small group of four of us, conveniently) decided to hang back and fly a C4 laden UAV into the objective. Three of us had C4 and were standing around sticking it on the UAV, enough to blow up two or three objectives after a few seconds.

Then suddenly out of nowhere an RPG hits me in the face and detonates all of our C4 and the UAV and killing all of us in one fell swoop. We were all stunned for a moment before roaring with laughter at the ridiculousness of it all.

We then hunted down all the engineers on the opposing team before we lost the match.

Good times!

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