Topical Tuesday: In-Game Death

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I think my favorite death came not from an FPS, but from Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I was MetaKnight and my brother was Pit. He knocked me off the platform we were on, and made my way back. I was juuust short of the edge, so I start my horizontal drill attack right at him. He uses his shield to reflect it, and cause to drill right off into my own death!

My best death.. Is probably when I was playing a spy for tf2 on a map which I don't remember the name of. It was capture the intel.

Long story short, I make an impossible jump, kill a scout mid air, get called out as a hacker, then die a horrible horrible death due to fall damage.

This is why you be sure to check if you have 10 health before jumping into the faces of scouts and side stabbing them.

Lies. All lies. Clearly I'm the only one who remembers how it all went down.

I was doing a Let's Play of The Sims 2 on a friend's forum (they've since switched to a different service, so I'm not sure you'd be able to find it, but if you can, it had some good moments); thusly, all the PCs were based on members of the thread. It was in the college expansion, right after a final exam. Completely on a whim, I decided it was time for a streaker party, so I ordered all the characters to strip down and run around like loons (no really. There's a "streak" option when they go to college). This they did, and after showing off their nethers to some of their dormmates, they found better things to do. Except for one, which I lost track of for a bit-when I found her again, nine game-hours later, she was still going. Her hunger stat was completely in the red, if she didn't get something to eat, and fast, she was done for. Her AI noticed this, and put it's clothes back on to go get some dinner. She grabbed a bowl of macaroni and cheese, sat down at the table, and then STOOD UP AGAIN so that she could fall over and die of starvation. No one came to her rescue, so in her place was a funeral urn (which the game told me I could sell for about $150. So much for the value of human life).

This isn't the end of the story. That's right. My best death is, in fact, more than one death.

Anyone who's played the Sims games knows that if you keep the urn/headstone that appears after someone dies, after a couple of days the dead Sim's ghost will start to haunt the building it's gravesite is in. This happened per usual. As I'm going about my LP business, I notice something odd going on upstairs. It's the ghost, and she's leapt out and scared one of the other players. Scared him to death, in fact. Remembering the lack of response to the ghost's death, this time someone is ordered to save him; they win the gamble, Death is disappointed, and he comes back to life. And I venture off elsewhere to see what other shenanigans are going on. When suddenly his portrait disappears from the lineup again. The ghost scared him to death again.

A singleplayer moment:

Fighting the final (secret) boss of Cave Story, the enemy is initially in human(oid) form. His attack pattern isn't too complex, but a bit of a nightmare if it's the first time you've got there. I narrowly beat it, and he staggers, then flies up off the top of the screen.

SMAAAASH, down he comes again, this time as a giant, monstrous, grinning sphere. Right on top of my head. "You have died. Do you want to try again?" I think my jaw physically dropped there and then, and my hands went limp, dropping the controller to my lap. Just too ridiculous to handle at that moment - it comes after a solid 5/10 minute Platform Hell experience, INCLUDING another boss, without any save points! Essentially, I was awed by the designer's amazingly cheap shot that I should've seen coming.

Omg that boss is a nightmare.
To think he has TWO MORE FORMS after that one. o.O

Man Cave Story is win, Hard as hell, but win.

[Edit] It seems I fail at quoting today...

This one isn't actually *mine* but one I saw. I was watching my lil' brother play COD: MW, which I enjoyed doing because he was just so damn *good* at FPS's. He was playing in a desert level (go figure) and one of the spots in the level was a large brownish brick building that had an exposed rooftop, with stairs leading up to it. He had placed C4 at a few points on the stairs, and was using the spot to snipe. As he was firing, he heard an enemy come, and looked up to see a guy do a SPINNING JUMP and knife him directly in the face. We sat there and watched the kill cam, both of us saying "what the fuck was that?" in hushed tones, as if we had just witnessed some kind of miracle, he wasn't even mad that he had died lmao

in ARMA2 (the Bohemia one) while i was playing multiplayer i fired a SMAW at an approaching black shark helicopter. i managed to hit it and the damn thing crashed on top of me, many lols were had on both teams.

Resident Evil 4. Getting my head chainsawed off for the first time. It was a real "whoa..." moment.

I'm going to have to say in the HALO: Reach BETA, I was in the level with the bridges (I cant remember the name of it), running for the grav lift, got assassinated RIGHT as I got to the grav lift, and my body just floated up and down the lift for about 90-120 seconds. It was epic!

I THINK I have the video in my fileshare... Never can remember this stuff. Ah well.

My most memorable death occurred in Resistance: Fall of Man for PlayStation 3. My best friend and I were playing the split-screen co-op campaign, a feature I wish more games had. During one portion of the game, as we were fighting our way up through the debris laden streets, I stopped to take cover behind a solid concrete barrier while my health regenerated. The concrete faithfully protected me from our enemies plasma bullets and hedgehog grenades. So one enterprising Chimera ran up to the other side of the concrete, and hit me with the butt of his gun THROUGH the damn wall! I died instantly, and my friend and I sat there mouthing "What the fuck?" and laughing. It was hilarious and awesome.

TF2. Playing as a medic I was killed by a spy who I was healing while he was dressed as a pyro.

What made it epic was that before he killed me, he turned around and gave me the big pyro thumbs up and "Thanks!" emote.

Couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the match.

Mine was a "Sticky Hug" kill in HALO 2. My brothers and some friends were playing against each other, but I totally sucked(still do). Any time I'd go for a kill, I'd get gunned down. Well, one time I got hit with a sticky and just decided to run up on whoever was around the corner so I could get shot instead of blown up. Problem for my buddy was, he was reloading, so what ended up happening was, I ran straight up to him and since he was dual-wielding pistols, it looked like I had stopped by for a hug right when I exploded.

Being killed in one second by Veigar in League of Legends when I was carrying our team with my awesome mage skills.
2k HP to zero in one second
I literally sat stunned and was wtf...
That was the first time anyway
Now I just swear at the midget when I see him

Edit: Oh and one time in COD4:2
Playing it at a friends and no-one is nearby and the UAV shows they are on the next building
I die
Me and my mate are like WTF?
Killcam: My ally on the other building goes to throw a grenade but gets shot by an enemy over on ANOTHER building half the map away from me
The grenade drops out of my allies hand bounces off the edge and blows up above my head instantly killing me
Me and my mate still wtf about that today it was rather unreal

Deus Ex smoking to death...

It must've been the early days of competitive TF2. The rules for class limits were not yet set. I regard myself as tactically minded and our team had quite a few wins with a strong setup for every map.

We played a team on well and we had just kicked their asses on the previous map. The doors open and we rush in... noone there! Oblivious our whole team starts capping, expecting the team to have foolishly dug in with sentries or something similar. While we are halfway to the next point, suddenly the announcer shouts "our point is being captured!". The whole enemy team had been waiting in the water and proceeded to cap all points before we could even kill ourselves and respawn. I had just been introduced to the backcap...

Playing TF2, as soldier. I shoot off three rockets at a pyro running up some stairs at me. He dodges the first, and jumps off the blast on the ground of the second, and reflects the third into my face while he's in the air, before pulling out his shotgun to finish me.

Red Dead Redemption multiplayer.
Me and my friends fill up a carriage, i ride shotgun. Just for kicks, I take out a stick of dynamite, hold it, and the carriage explodes, sending it, and all the corpses of a cliff...EPIC
You had to be there.

Mine was in CoD MW2.

Normal Team Deathmatch game in Bailout, and the enemy team was holed up in and around the gym at one end of the level. After a few lives of trying to storm their position by conventional means, I decided it was time to break out my 'Crowd Control' class (Riot shield and Spas-12). Approaching from the raised walkway coming from the rec room I advanced towards their position, and the three enemy team members guarding this approach immediately backed away from me into the gym, emptying magazine after magazine into my riot shield. When I had them backed into the top floor of the gym, I charged with my shield (knowing I couldn't take them all but secure in the knowledge that two of my teammates were behind me to finish them off while I would be waiting to respawn).

The three enemies who had retreated at my initial advance now all leaped on me, knives flashing. Somehow I managed to block all three attacks with my shield, and even floored one of my attackers, before *BOOM* - a headshot from the fourth enemy I didn't even know was there, crouched in one of the top floor corners with a shotgun. The killcam replayed my character charging into a whirling storm of blades, turning aside blade after blade, before finally being taken down by a 12-gauge to the side of the head.

The fight had looked good from my perspective, but from the perspective of my killer it looked awesome beyond belief.

The most insane death I've had, me and a friend, who has a way of always getting good at games really fast, was playing 1v1 on Valhalla in Halo 3 right after launch. After a while, I was no longer able to tell where he was, and knowing him like I do, I went out into the open, to cover as many angles as possible. I kept looking behind me, left, right, just spinning, trying to get a glimpse of him. And all of a sudden, he assassinated me. I am still unable to tell how he pulled it off, 3 years later.

Me most epic kill would have to be in Frontlines Fuel of War, where we were playing on ths assymetrical night-map where the attackers started at a bas covered by a mountain top, with a bunch of helicopters, while the defenders were dug into the small town-base.
One of the points of capture was a generator that had to be destroyed, either by weapons or placing a explosive charge on it.
As I was flying(alone in the chopper) towards it and shooting at the generator, I suddenly saw a big flash, and a smoke trail coming right towards me. Realizing that I've got a homing rocket to deal with, I quickly jump out of the chopper, which is blown into a fireball of debris and hull the moment I leave it, and deploy my chute, watching the momentum of my chopper carry it towards the generator, hitting it, blowing it up, and killing 3 defenders.

So awesome.

Unreal Tournament (99)
a teammate gave me an impact hammer boost (basically he launched me to fly through half the map)when i got hit midair by a pack of rocketlauncher nades. Those of you who know UT1 will know how *wow* that is.

On the other end of the spectrum..
I played Global Agenda as a sniper with basically paper for armor. I had a medic behind me and it was us against 7 people. However they completely ignored the medic and tought they could bring me down with brute force.. By the time the medic had used up all his healing skills and he just used the normal healing ray I had killed enough of them for him to keep me alive with just that and let me finish off the others^^
o yea, i forgot, i was sniping in melee range..

All of these happened when bro and I were playing RE5.

We were at the part right before the 1st fight w/ Wesker. Next thing I know my bro eats a rotten egg which sends him into the "dying" state. It was so stupid I refused to heal him.

Same part. My bro is up on the balcony fighting a Licker. I look through my scope and say out loud "Aren't there supposed to be two up there?" As soon as I finish the sentence, said missing Licker owns me from behind.

Same part again. My bro and I were trapped in the building with the bridge controls trying to eliminate the horde of Lickers. My bro gets pinned for an insta-kill and I can't help him because I've got a Licker's tongue through my shoulder.

Different part. My bro was walking on a conveyor belt with people throwing dynamite at him from above. I tell him "It's ok, I sniped them out." A few moments later he gets blown up. My bro rages and says "I thought you said you killed all the dynamite guys!" I grin nervously and say "I did. That was me that blew you up!" (I had accidentally shot a red gas tank).

Halo: Combat evolved. Getting run over by your own warthog isn't fun :P

It was single player campaign, that one island mission early on (I think it's the 4th). I had brought a warthog into the building. I quickly drove it down a all, down an ramp, and around a corner, jumping out after launching it towards the door in the hope of jamming it open so I could skip some backtracking. I stupidly throw a grenade, causing the warthog to launch back at me and crush me.

I still have a screenshot of the Master Chief lying under that hog somewhere on my hard drive :P

My most memorable death was on COD:MW2 on crash. I had just been killed by an enemy after killing one of his teammates, as often happens to me in most matches I'm in. When suddenly instead of re spawning, I get launched through a wall as a corpse, and three members of my team light up the chat. Turns out I spawned just as my teammates care package hit the ground killing me before I could spawn.

Ironically enough, during this same match I killed an enemy with a care package of my own on top of the bike shop. Drop my smoke flare as the enemy comes running up the stairs killing me and a teammate just as the package falls ricochets off of the air vent running him over. Too bad it wasn't the killing blow, score was at 7300 before the package killed him, followed by a sniper shot from the three story rooftop to end the game with a Victory.

each and every death i've experienced is lame.
it would take an elaborate James Bond death machine (an inescapable one) to impress me.


in kane and lynch 2, we were playing fragile alliance.
when you die, you come back as a cop to try to stop the heist from being successful.
i got killed by some nonsensical bullshit, so i came back as a cop.
i snuck around, turned more than half the remaining players into cops, and then got caught in an absurd CQB firefight in which i made a last ditch effort to kill the last man by throwing a propane tank at him. he shot it in the air, and we both died.

You do realize there is some kind of auto lock on thing when you throw one of those right? the number of times i`ve killed someone because they threw a propane tank in the middle of a firefight is ridiculous.As for mine it`d have to be Kane and lynch 2 as well another PC killed me by hitting me in the face with a gas tank ,he didn`t shoot it , just threw it , oddest insta kill i`ve seen in a while

yeah i know about the auto-aim; developers couldnt possibly assume the average gamer had the skill to shoot a tank in mid air, could they?
i just had to throw it because both my guns were dry, there was no time to reload, and we were both on the SAME corner. i mean, it was a damn L-bend, and we were both right there! he popped out and i whipped it at him! it couldnt have even had time to auto aim because i'm sure it was close enough to him that he could have just hit it with the first round to come out of the barrel.

each and every death i've experienced is lame.
it would take an elaborate James Bond death machine (an inescapable one) to impress me.

go to the supermarket in Jury Street in Fallout 3. someone has a nice rube goldberg machine you'd like.

I was playing Sandtrap on Halo 3. I was bunny hopping straight through the middle corridor thingy in one of the pyrimad tower buildings, when my friend fired a rocket straight ahead.Still jumping, I thought I was invincible, until I was about to go out over the edge, and the rocket blew me up. Complete luck, yet my jaw had just dropped.

My best death: I was messing around in Fallout 3, so I went to the top of Tenpenny Tower. Holding the MIRV, I jumped over the ledge, and just before I hit the ground, I fired. My gibs flew across the map, and triggered the Firelance event.

I was playing Just Cause 2 a few weeks ago. A simple bombing of a propaganda tank went strangely awry and I ended up getting pursued by three military helicopters, at minimal health and on foot. This merry little chase lasted for about ten to fifteen minutes, as I was in unfamiliar territory and, since I was running in that general direction, I decided that exploration took priority over retaliation. To my display, every since location I ran across was a military base. By the third base, I realized: "Oh yeah, military bases have med kits inside them. This may be brazen, but if I can heal up in there, I can launch a more effective counterattack." I manage to avoid enemy fire and snatched up the med kit...

And as soon as I did, I got blasted by a helicopter missile, flinging me into the base's courtyard and exposing me not only to all three helicopters, but all the base's grunts and a few automated turrets. I was dead before I could even stand up again. I quote my reaction: "Oh goodness. Oooooooh goodness. Yes. Yes, I have been thoroughly, thoroughly pwned."

[quote="BobisOnlyBob" post="18.230824.8060333"]A singleplayer moment:

Fighting the final (secret) boss of Cave Story, the enemy is initially in human(oid) form. His attack pattern isn't too complex, but a bit of a nightmare if it's the first time you've got there. I narrowly beat it, and he staggers, then flies up off the top of the screen.

SMAAAASH, down he comes again, this time as a giant, monstrous, grinning sphere. Right on top of my head. "You have died. Do you want to try again?" I think my jaw physically dropped there and then, and my hands went limp, dropping the controller to my lap. Just too ridiculous to handle at that moment - it comes after a solid 5/10 minute Platform Hell experience, INCLUDING another boss, without any save points! Essentially, I was awed by the designer's amazingly cheap shot that I should've seen coming.

You haz played Cave Story?

Finally, someone else who has experianced that amazing and heartouching five year work of art.

Getting back to topic.

I was playing Nexuiz (Free Arena-Based FPS with graphics and gameplay to rival anything from Epic or Id). It was a very small map with two stories (Downer) with three other players. I was on a roll with a 5 kill streak and was spamming using the mortar. This new guy joined and went straight for the RL. Next second he sends me flying into a corner and proceades to just miss me I run in the oppersite direction and send some 'nades his way when lo and behold I am telefraged by the same player. He'd got me fixated on him and then had herded me into the other end of the teleport before killing me instantly. To this day I marvel at his stunning use of level knowledge and quick thinking.

Modern Warfare 2...
I had been playing a match in Invasion, and had just got done with an AC-130 spree fueled by a particularly lucky Emergency Airdrop I had called in. I had managed to rack up about 17 kills by the time it was over, and the other team was obviously ticked off, to say the least. So I see a signal for a Predator Missile coming in, and raise my Riot Shield to block it. Somehow - I'm not quite sure *how* exactly - it hit my shield, and I survived. I was hurt, sure, but I felt great.
And then somebody threw a Stun Grenade at me, hit me with it, and killed me. As the last kill of the match.
Let me put it in clear, unambiguous terms:
I blocked a missile...with my Riot Shield...and I was the victim of the Game Winning KillCam...via Stun Grenade.

That...was humbling, though in retrospect, I should have seen that coming.


I was hauling ass running away from a Deathclaw in Fallout 3 (on the hardest difficulty) when it suddenly flew up into the air. I was pretty happy, then out of nowhere an Albino Radscorpion appeared and proceeded raped me...

That shut me up as I stared at the screen with my mouth open for two minutes, as I wondered what the hell just happened...

So I'm in a bar in Armadillo, Red Dead Redemption. I'm trying to get my character shitfaced on mystery booze, and all is well. Then out of nowhere (bear in mind I cannot use weapons while buying drinks at the bar) a fucking COYOTE runs into the bar and takes me down! Wild west my ass.

Not my death but an enemy.
In Planetside me and a buddy was doing some recon and I were doing some sniping from a hilltop, with my buddy standing watch, when suddenly a mosquito (scout plane) comes flying towards us, I slide down the hill pulling up my assault rifle (we were with the Terran Republic) as the mosquito hits my buddy in the chest flying with him stuck to the front right into a tree pinning him there.
As the plane hit him he was firing on full auto into the cocpit and so was I as I slid down the slope, destroying the plane seconds after my friend was pinned to the tree, it was indeed an awesome moment.

My most epic, or maybe most humuliating death was (still on planetside) when we again were doing recon for our forces, we were spotted out in the open and as we came under attack we split up.
i hid under some rocks to ambush our pursuers as a assault plane came hovering down and looked into the small hole where I was covering, needles to say he opened fire and I was thorn to shreds.

Man! I miss playing Planetside, I do wish someone makes a remake or maybe a sequel.

My most memorable death was due to it being so funny. Original Half Life deathmatch. Level: Jail Cell Rats (or possibly one of the other similar variants).

I was low on armor and ammo, so I run into the one hallway that's next to the big grate on the side of the map that you get the rocket launcher in. I wanted to see if any had recently spawned in the hallway. At the other end of the hallway, for those unfamiliar with the map, is a little cubby-hole on the right side with a ladder going up to the next level. This is kind of the bottom corner of the whole map. I'm running in the open end of the hallway just as someone jumps down where the ladder is. Both of us were looking for the ammo and armor, and it hadn't re-spawned yet from whoever last got it. So, I had my pistol out and so did this guy. I'm firing; he's firing; we're both strafing and hitting nothing. We both run out of bullets pretty much simultaneously, so we both pull out crowbars and go to wail on each other. He's a little quicker on the draw, so he gets the first hit in, as we're dancing around in the tight hallway, hitting each other and trying not to get hit ourselves. I think because he got the first hit in, he won, because we were about evenly matched, blow for blow. So he finally kills me, and through our dancing, he's ended up in the cubby-hole next to the ladder. My kill-cam has me looking up at him. He looks down at me for a split-second, as if to make sure I was actually dead. At that exact instant, a grenade lands right on his head from above. I don't know if someone deliberately threw it on him or if it simply missed and fell from a throw that missed someone else. Plus, it's pretty unlikely for the grenade to actually land on your head, rather than bouncing off it and landing on the ground. But anyway, the grenade *plinks* on his head. Hearing the sound, he looks upward, right at the grenade, and I swear that if I had seen the guy behind the computer, he would have been like "What?" right before he exploded. It's like for a moment, he forgot it was a multiplayer game, and that I wasn't his only opponent. All I know is I burst out laughing at the whole thing.

It was so fast, too. Within a few seconds, it was *Run!* *see each other* Oh crap! *Bang! Bang! Bang!* *click* *whip* *WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!* *DEAD* Whew! *plink* What? *BOOM!*

No death is ever quite so funny as when Im playing World of warcraft on my priest and manage to kill myself with shadow word death. It always makes me smile, generally gets a laugh from everyone else, and is especially rewarding since supposedly its very hard to do these days, despite that fact that I can usually manage it once a week without intending too :P

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