Topical Tuesday: In-Game Death

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Well, I have a habit of dying in the most epic and unconventional of ways, so I'll just go with most recent.
In Demon's Souls when I was fighting to the death with the two ManEaters. they both leaped at me as I swung my Northern Regalia. We all killed eachother. Needless to say, it was awesome. And luckily it counted as a kill for me so I didn't have to redo it.

ArmA II RPG server, when a leader of this mafia found out that I'm a traitor(Long story) He did a Hollywood like execution on me. First shot me in the leg and then my head. All with epic one-liners. It was epic.

Even more epic was when I got my revenge :)

Playing Left 4 Dead 2, at the finale waiting for Vergil and his boat. I was at 20 health, running for it, when there's a tank that suddenly appears backhands me, 35 feet onto the boat. HOWEVER. This incaps me, so I'm considered as dead, despite being on the boat with the others, very much alive.

Resident Evil 3 gave you the option of dodging if you got the button timing right, rather than firing. Got caught between two Hunters who took turns to do their decapitation strike which I managed to dodge a good dozen times - though I was wanting to shoot them. It didn't end well.

Resident Evil 5: Reapers and Duvalia. Their insta-kills were a surprise.

Dead Space: one of the tentacles grabs me and starts dragging me through the corridor. Ah, that big orange thing looks suspicious, I'll shoot that. Oh wait, I've got the Line Gun and it won't let me fire it, hang on I'll change to the Plasma Cutter ... ohh it's dragged me quite far, never mind a clean shot here ... oops missed ... still we'll try again ... blast it and ... missed again ... fuck it full auto and ... oh I'm in a tunnel ... yes I've escaped from the tenta ... wait it it's grabbed me again and ... are those bones it's just spat out???

The Unreal Tournaments mentions are stirring some memories - I do remember some opposing players being scarily good with a redeemer (pilotable nuke) but turning around to see the spiral smoke pattern of six homing rockets ...
There was also one of the user created Assault maps on UT2k4 - one of the 'storm the castle' where a combination of rocket hits left my battered corpse resting on the final objective - which was the nearest the team got that game to that objective.
Another tank related death - on the map Robot Factory there was an Ion Cannon (big plasma explosions with lots of splash damage and lots of push. Somehow, it managed to fling a tank into the air and guess who caught the tank in the side of the head ... to make it worse, the tank was on the same team as I was ...

Left 4 Dead 2 - (having never played L4D)first ever game (offline) step out onto the ledge around the hotel, step back into the room for a Charger to appear in the doorway. Me, he and Nick ended up on a roof a surprising distance away from the hotel.

Super Smash Brothers Melee, my two roommates and myself all chose random and all got Jiggly Puff. I am by far the inferior player of the three. I managed to kill them both and win the death match with Jiggly Puff whom I'd never played before!

Tf2 as a scout i was making a mad rush during the beginng few minutes in the game in 2fort across the top of the bridge when suddenly a single (thankfully) sticky denotes behind me propelling me through the air like some kind of brooklyn acrobat, I ran like the ninny that I am straght into the room outside the spawn (the four way one) Only to discover my enemies WERE ALL ENGIES (TURRETS INCLUDED!!!)

Probably my first ever online match on Super Street Fighter IV. I was playing as Cammy, as i normally do, and i was fighting a Gen. I have never been pwned faster. literally 5 seconds to perfect me. Again and then again. Never recovered from that. Some people REALLY have mastered that game.

i was playing cod waw with a couple of friends and well they camp and snipe constantly so i randomly fired my gun uot of boredom and go a head shot across the map the kill cam was the greatest thing i have ever seen

to clear up something about the post it was split screen so i got to see the kill cam

Having about 10 health left on Killing Floor, with the last creature being a Fleshpound. About 18 rounds left in my AA12. I shoot him with my pistol to aggravate him, then charge in with my shotty. Nobody survived.

Mine was a "Sticky Hug" kill in HALO 2. My brothers and some friends were playing against each other, but I totally sucked(still do). Any time I'd go for a kill, I'd get gunned down. Well, one time I got hit with a sticky and just decided to run up on whoever was around the corner so I could get shot instead of blown up. Problem for my buddy was, he was reloading, so what ended up happening was, I ran straight up to him and since he was dual-wielding pistols, it looked like I had stopped by for a hug right when I exploded.

Sticky hug... Ew. You could've picked a better name for it.

Very early in my first playthrough of fallout 3 (when your character is still weak and therefore you are still very cautious) I was slinking my way through a partially collapsed subway tunnel. I came up to a partially destroyed section that served as a ramp to an upper level and started making my way up. I took three steps and then heard *snap*, I looked down to my right and saw I stepped through a trip wire. I froze, but... nothing happened. I said to myself "Huh, that was anti climactic..." and turned back to face the ramp I was scaling. As I turned I saw three grenades casually rolling down the ramp towards me. Boom!

That is when I realized this game was awesome.

When I was a little kid and played pacman for the first time. I had no idea how to play it and started to spin like a spaz in a three dots area. A big one appeared randomly near me and I ate it just before two ghosts getting to squish me.

Me and my friends had a good laughter

I was playing halo 3 on the valhalla map, and the was a banshee flying right outside the grav lifts, so i decided that I would try to sky jack the banshee, but splattered myself on it , despite it being nearly stationary

My best kill would be from WoW, I was a mage in Arathi Basin and I was up on the Lumber Mill on a cliff. I was fighting a hunter, another mage and a priest healing them. When I was almost dead I blinked up to them and used Blast Wave. It sent all three of them flying to their deaths.

My most epic death isn't actually mine but... me and my mate were playing Invasion on the Halo:reach beta. We were the Elites, I was sneaking across a patch of open ground and my mate suddenly told me to look to my right. I saw his corpse flying into the sky, watching the replay he had ran into a tank, got shot by it and the explosion combined with the tank suddenly moving sent him into the skybox.

I find the comic book violence of Unreal Tournament games tends to produce memorable moments.

Playing CTF Lava Giant map in orig. UT: It was often the case that a winning team would cluster around their flag just prior to the timer running out. We were clearly going to win, so we lined up for the end-game screenshot. However, one time an enemy with a sniper rifle took advantage of this, such that only headless bodies of our team remained for the "winning" shot.

Playing VCTF in UT2004: The other team had a fellow that tended to grab their vehicles, race to the enemy flag, abandon the vehicle, and then get killed trying to escape with the flag. Not quite that hilarious when the other team would typically find themselves hurting for vehicles. Anyhoo, so in one case the fellow abandoned their Raptor. I spotted it sliding along the ground and ran up to capture it. However, I didn't time my "Enter Vehicle" key well, and I ended up getting flatted by the Raptor instead of a capture. After the game, the fellow remarked that he saw the command prompt notification that he'd killed me, though it had been quite unexpected.

Playing CTF Facing Worlds in orig. UT: It was one of those 12vs12 full team mayhem situations, where we were all fighting tooth-and-nail, tied for flag captures, and the timer had run down (i.e., whoever scores next wins the game). Somehow I had managed to escape across the bridge, and by all rights should have been able to at least pass the flag to a teammate. However, I was doing jumps and flips to evade sniper fire, and one jump took me over the edge into the void. <groan> I was embarrassed for that, and expressed as such to my team.

Possibly in Bad Company 2. If you thought it was impossible to get road killed, in the air, by a helicopter, the one you just jumped out of, you are wrong sir.

Can't think of an epic death but my best kill was in red dead redemption. I got set upon by a pack of wolves whilst i was hunting a deer on foot. One of them clamped onto my arm and as I shook it off it knocked into another wolf and they both slid straight infront of a train :-)

an epic death? i cant beleive no ones brought this one up yet, ahh but alas, this game maaaay be a bit too old for you all..

let me set the story.

the setting: school's reasource room, computer at the back corner with headphones.
the game :scorched earth
the death: im playing against 8 guys, all useing heavy shields or mag deflectors. i grin smugly and looks at the random set border. its gone yellow with wrap powers. i look to my inventory. 1 deaths head left. i grin to myself, don my rising sun bandana, and with a BONZAI! i fire the muthafugginnuke!!

9 heavy nukes fly along the screen at ma speed. finally planting themselves in a neat row along the screen. takeing everyone out. the funny thing is, theyh all blow up with a funkybomb. and they all seem to hit me, or near me. kind of them giving me a "DAAMMNN YOOOOOU!!!!"

GTA IV jumped off empire estate building whacked into a lampost whacked the bonnet of a car got up strangly ran into a old lady and died!

Any time I got too cocky in F.E.A.R. and decided it was kungfu only time. I beat everything up to the mech sections with only punches and slides but when you slide into a rocket aimed at your face, you do not fling it across the room like soldiers.... always hilarious where my body would end up.

That or the many, many times in crysis where I had just taken out a jeep full of soldiers by shooting the rear gas tank only for the explosion and resulting toppling foliage to kill me. Supersoldier killed by palmtree not north korean execution squad....

I can't remember my best death, although I am sure that there have been some horrid ones, so instead I bring forth a tale of my epic win.

In COD 4:MW, I killed 8 enemy players with a single frag grenade.

In that game, it was the entire other team, who had congregated together for some reason.

I laughed like a boss.

Probably stars wars battle front 2, when i first played but was more into killing the opponent then taking bases (in game) I thought my AI could handle taking CPUs, but i was wrong, and i wound up at the last CPU (it was on endor, and i was in the bunker) and the enemy was just rushing me. I keep gunning down their men and healing when they walked in, so they just lobbed detonators in while five guys ran in shooting.

To my credit, I took three of those bastards with me before the detonators got me and the other two.

Mine would have to be Left 4 Dead. Was playing with some college buddies when it first came out and got to the last part of the Death Toll campaign and we're running for the boat when a final tank comes out of the woods and smacks me a good 25 ft closer to the docks, but also downs me. With the sheer number of zombies and special infected about I knew I was boned, so I just shouted, "GO ON WITHOUT ME! GO ON WITHOUT ME!" blastin away with with my pistols. My buds make it across and set the docks on fire with a moltov, and we were all just blastin away at the horde of infected until my last few hitpoints vanished and my virtual self sacrifice was completed.

That game had SO many awesome moments the first time through... and I learned to never trust my life with a certain one of my friends in a zombie Apocalypse... Lookin at you Peter...

I was a huntsman using sniper (overpowered weapon in some ways too....) and I shot it at a pyro at least 10 metres away from me and he managed to airblast it back at me and get a headshot.
It was humiliating mostly because he had to be an asshole about it and be all like "OH THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!" then all the regulars on the server (his e-buddies) were all like "oh my god that was awesome, you got owned"

in mw2, derail. i was under the house in the middle, firing my javelin, when, suddenly, an enemy jumps from the window above me, taking the rocket directly.

Or, one time where an enemy stuck a Semtex to me, i ran towards him and took out 3 enemies with the blast.

GTA IV. My car is on fire, my tires are shot and I'm being chased by the police. I drive full speed, spin, roll out of the car and the thing explodes. My body goes flying into the air, smacks against a wall and is flung off. Then the cops decide to shoot me for good measure...

I have a screencap of me winning a game of Age of Empires 3 against somebody with me as the ottomans. After I conquered the living daylights out of my opponent, I scanned the paused map to look for interesting stuff. What I found was a settler who had been launched into the air by a cannonball. They were hanging there perfectly above the ground, presenting me with an interesting memory.

On Halo 3 I was playing wit my friends on... umm... Narrows?? I think... The one with the Grav lift you use to jump the huge chasm...yeah... anyways!

I was playing on... that map... using the grav lift to jump that huge chasm. I had a sniper rifle equipped and saw my friend on the bridge to my right, so I took aim and fired. After reviewing the footage after the map it turned out that the single bullet I fired in mid air not only narrowly missed my friends head twice, but bounced 4 times in total, the last bounce taking the bullet through MY head...

I still get made fun of for that...

Bad Company 2 - Port Valdez - Rush Defending.

The opposing team is down to their last 4 guys. The Vodnik, loaded with guys (4 I believe), comes haring down the road toward me. I stand my ground.

I draw my RPG and fire. The charge hits the driver square in the face, killing him instantly. The vodnik explodes, cartwheeling into the air. It front flips twice, then crushes me.

Turns out the gunner leapt free at the last second and I didn't get my epic 4-man game ender :(

I could go into depth but I dont think its necessary really. Dead Space, and being killed by a brute. Jesus.. Talk about overkill..

Expert, L4D, No Mercy. Teammates dead, finale. With health in the red, I kill the tank by myself, no fire; dodge 2 smokers and a hunter. The helicopter shows up...I get killed, literally inside of the chopper by some common. Got it on the next try though.

*points at Man Hunt* THAT!!!

multiplayer wise tho i would have to say in MW2 when I tried to use the jesus missle (the javelin....cause it ascends into the heavens then smites you) and it hit the overpass on whatever map that is and killed me and three people while on free for all

Mine was in CoD:MW2.

I was dual wielding MP5Ks. I spotted an enemy heading down a ramp about 10 meters ahead going down to my left. I made after him. About 10 meters from the ramp he exploded out of it with what I thought was a shotgun.I went from a full run dropping into a crouch hoping to avoid the first Shotgun blast. At the same time I opened up with both guns. Going into a crouch had the side effect of taking my aim lower. My opponent Jumped straight at me at the same time. He cleared the 10 meters in between us practically flying over the stream of bullets as i tried to compensate and bring my cross hairs up. Just as he was about a meter away from me he activated his knife midair and planted it firmly between my eyes insta killing me.

That was the one death that still stands out to me this day.

You know, it's funny, 'casue there was this one time I faced off against this guy dual weilding MP5s, and so I was going down this ramp, opening up with a shotgun. He crouched, and started firing. So I jumped in the air, and cleared the 10 meters with the knife, planting it right between his... wait a sec...

Just kidding... getting back on topic...

So, I was playing Halo 3, and I was chasing this dude through a door shield, and as he ran through it, he bounced a frag off the barrier, dropping my shields. I continued through the shield, and then he was right there with a magnum, and he capped me without even trying. I was a tad bit stunned.

EDIT: One memorable kill I made was on Valhalla (still H3), I saw a fully loaded Warthog driving around the left side of the map. I had a Spartan Laser. I charged and fired. I hit the driver. Not the Hog. The driver. The Warthog was fine. That was one of my favorite kills ever.

Fallout 3. Dicking around after having beaten the game the first time, I found the MIRV. So I sell everything, buy and pillage every mini nuke I can find. I then proceed to walk around the wasteland shooting randomly and blowing every thing up. I got an enclave eyebot on shot. What I didn't know was I did it right next to an enclave outpost. I turn to go another way and get shot from behind. Upon turning around I see four enclave soldiers coming down on me. I shoot the MIRV and run like hell and get all three of them. Going back to what I was doing I fail to hear the vertibird set down and let five tesla armored grunts down. I get hit with plasma rifle from all five and end up flipping as two rounds hit me in the head at the same time.

I try not to die mostly.

I've got a best death and best kill to share though.

Both took place in Halo: Reach.

The death was me using a gravity hammer simply to annoy the other team (it was 4v3 in favour of them, so I n00b'd it up for the game to make it more even). So I ran over to someone, thinking he was afk; hit him with the hammer, BOOM!
He went into Armour Lock. REJECTED!

It was kinda fun.

Best kill was me spawning with an enemy ghost looking straight at me, I didn't move, because I had Armour Lock on. So he took aim, and kindly made a big reverse slightly before boosting towards me. Last second I heard "Oh fuck" on my headset because I used AL and he couldn't do anything about it.

The next line out of him was "Well played Sir!"

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