Topical Tuesday: In-Game Death

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Mine was in World of Warcraft. I know that sounds silly, and I haven't played that game in years, but I can still remember it. When I was still a young n00bling (about lvl 30), a glitch caused me to fall through a boat that was docked in Booty Bay. My corpse landed somewhere in Mulgore, and my ghost on the border of the Barrens. Being too cheap to rez at the spirit healer, I did a corpsewalk with my nelfy wisp the entire way. I then spent a few minutes picking off low-level Taurens.

Then I figured out how to get into all kinds of "secret areas" and falling through the world became a common experience for me. Back then though, I was really intrigued by my strange experience.

Just recently in Halo:Reach My friends and I were in forge and I somehow got hit with a giant block doing 5 backflips and then falling off the edge of the map.

In MWF2 I was getting my magnum skill up, Running from room to room killing all the snipers, and picking off all the people trying to get inside the door from under the stairs (This was on Estate inside the house) when all of a sudden I ran at a sniper, and shot a few bullets (he was facing out towards the balcony in the bedroom upstairs) and I turned around, sitting there in the corner getting ready to kill the sniper was a shotgunner, my first instinct was to try and knife, (I had commando pro) right when I drew back my knife, he shot, and put me down for good. In the animation you could see my guy bring out the knife, go to stab the opponent, and then all hell breaks loose as my body goes down. The timing was as perfect as I could imagine.

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