Type your username into Google Images...

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#1 is my profile pic <---

#2 is the flag of the Falkland Islands

I got a pic of me cosplaying with friends at F.A.C.T.S s kinda creepy

I get redirected to a search for "marsden" instead, with the option to search again for what I actually asked it to search for. >_<

So clicking the option to actually use my search term, I get this first, followed by a ton of my other artwork and a few RL pics of me:

Thanks, Google Images, for making an assumption I don't know what I'm searching for when my own search brings up 920 items and the one you think I meant brings up 1,650,000.

There's a picture of me, a picture of my avatar on the RPS forums, and a whole load of images from The Escapist and Rock Paper Shotgun.

That's funny cuz that's actually the image for my Youtube account. The picture even takes me to my page. That's funny, thanks for this thread. It's not very big though...

I don't know wtf this is about... I guess it's the character's name

I'm very suprised I didn't see a periodic table of elements... hmm...

It just shows me a bunch of pictures I've posted on the Escapist at one point or another.

Which is awesome because it consists of cute Asian girls, Tenchi Muyo, my avatar and Patrick Stewart.

Fourth is DaveoftheDead's fried jalapeņo ear.
Edit: And on the ninth page are 3 images from a thread about Macs with the description being a post by ZeekySantos

I'm not shitting you. This is what comes up when you search for The Almighty Grigard! I am dissapoint...

Nice thread you got going though!


I feel like I've drawn the short straw...

look at what i got
how cool is that im chuck norris aproved
mine is from the escapist
i dont know how it linked me to a forum about gordan freeman

http://forums.filefront.com/customavatars/avatar223861_3.gif huh. cool. The odd thing is Wanda Sykes comes up first page...

I get:

.. and then my avatar.


Actually...it refers back to a post I made about Michael Shanks on the Escapist herself.


Can't say I didn't expect that, given that's exactly what my name means.

This is the first one that I get. I don't get it.


Funnily enough, I found this picture.

Which is just soooo true.

Edit: In fact, I believe this will be my new avatar. Thanks!


Brilliant!1969: James Bond Aston Martin toy car. This model Aston Martin DB5 car was launched by Corgi just before release of Thunderball in December 1965 and was hugely popular in this decade. It became Corgi's most popular product with over seven million sold.


Mostly pictures I have posted here. Not much to say about it really.

What is this I don't even...
and this one too...

lol 90% of the pictures that came up are from this site...



As well as several pictures of Liv Tyler, unsurprisingly.

1st: http://llnw.thesims3.com/sims3_asset/sims3_asset/avatar/shard000/000/004/342/32/2/small_ver827824.jpg

and ... http://www.thesixthaxis.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/icocollection.jpg

im sure yahtzee will be liking this game when it comes out :)

^^ I have one of those Aston Martin toy cars ^.^

All I am getting is the photos of users on the escapist and random images from threads I commented on. :/

The rest don't follow any rhyme or reason, they're just... stuff. The only barely relevant thing is the occasional TF2 screenshot.

My avatar is the first picture.




Could be worse.


Yeah... This makes me want to change my name.

You think that's bad, try mine. Add an '8' at the end though, since that is what I most often go by. The straight Signa is this

which isn't too bad.


It's from the forum thread where I signed up to a clan :D

o.O What the fuck?
I'm dinner apparantly.

[kira must die] already posted the first thing that came up on mine so heres the 2nd thing to come up

that would be zacky vengance, or as i know him, this shit one from avenged sevenfold.

Nihlus from Mass Effect, A spider, an NHL 11 cover, a Marathon logo and last but certainty not least two girls making out.

How random...but I like it =)

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