Poll: "Dress Like a Nerd" High School Spirit Day, Offensive?

At my high school, for home coming we have a spirit week. For those who aren't sure, a spirit day is when you're supose to dress acording to the theme of the day, like Neon Day: everyone wears neon colors. Well for one of the spirit days the theme was "Dress Like a *insert rival school's name here* Nerd," we've done this kind of theme before without any problems, but this year there's a petition going around to stop the spirit day on the grounds that it is offensive. To me this petition doesn't make sense, its not like its "Dress like you're black day". I don't see how anyone could be offended by it, but I guess people are just like that.
What's your opinion, offense that should be kept from school or just another stupid school event.

Offensive, no.

Stupid, yes.

Those are my feelings on it. Although if it happened at my school, I would easily out-nerd everyone else. Not that its a competition or anything. But if it was, I'd totally win.

How is that offensive? Some people just need to get thicker skin.

At my uni there's a thing called Carnage - basically it's an organised mass pub crawl, but one of the fancy dress themes that they have is "the beauty and the geek" No one gives two shits about that it's just light hearted fun fancy dress and nowt more, same with this school thing.

I just got back from a "dress like a geek" disco night.
It was pretty cool, except I managed to go with my face covered in glitter but didn't know it.

So, I come dressed as myself?

Whatever. It's better than "Kick a Ginger Day" (ow) and "Punch Your Friends Day" (ow).

That's not really offensive, if you have "Everyone dress up as a cork-hatted tooheys drinking Australian day" that's offensive on the grounds of racism. If you have "Everyone dress up stereotypically Jewish" that could be considered valid prejudice as Judaism is a long-standing, far reaching order that has suffered alot of harsh prejudice over the years and is intertwined with the lifestyle of many Jews.

"Nerd" is just a social label and most representations of nerds are just caricatures of "Nerdy" stereotypes, so no it's not offensive.

I remember a few years ago for my sisters house plays one segment involved a large group of girls dressed as stereotypical nerds (glasses, suspenders etc) and doing a choreographed dance to Wierd Al's "White and Nerdy" and apparently the powers that be originally weren't going to allow the song as they thought it was offensive.

So, I come dressed as myself?

Whatever. It's better than "Kick a Ginger Day" (ow) and "Punch Your Friends Day" (ow).

Ooooh. Kick a Ginger Day sounds good. I'll put that up as an idea for our next meeting.
OT: No. We've had Nerd Days, but we have more Farmer Days due to our rival school being nearly all farmers.

We had the same exact thing. Approximately zero people cared, and almost everyone dressed up for it.

Wow, my school had one of these a few weeks ago, sweet coincidence. My school actually did have some controversy over it, so they changed the name from "Nerd Day" to "Calculators and Suspenders Day". I guess they think that is less offensive.

The whole thing is stupid though, it doesn't make fun of anyone directly, so what's the problem? People are dressing up as what the the image of a nerd in their mind looks like. The only way this could be even remotely offensive is if you dressed like that everyday, so you think everyone is calling you a nerd by dressing like you. Although think about, that would be the one day you would be cool for wearing that stuff, so why fight it?

No, nerd is a clique, not an ethnicity.

I was also promised a poll.



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